Shiraz BARMA-I-DELAK. (The Little Pool of the Heart)

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BARMA-I-DELAK. (The Little Pool of the Heart)

Six kilometers beyond Qasr-i-Abu Nasr there is a pleasant spot called Barm-i-Delak. Under the shade of trees a number of streams flow out beneath the hill, and gather together to form a large brook. Above one of these streams facing east on the cliff side at a height of about six meters from the ground three scenes relating to the Sasanian Kings can be seen. Since they were carved in a place where water from the hill has poured over them, they have suffered much damage, and have nearly been wiped out. Under these circumstances the reason they have survived to this day is because of the notable relief usually observable in Sasanian carvings, and fully carried out in this case.
The first one on the right measures 2 meters by 1.60, and shows one of the Sasanian monarchs, who was perhaps Shápúr the first. One hand is raised towards the left, and the other holds a crown from which a ribbon is suspended, resembling the crown which Shápúr at Naqsh-i-Rajab receives from the figure of the god Ormuzd. Behind his head abundant hair is craved, and he wears a sword at his waist remind us of the carving of Bahrám the Fifth. The crown in this carving is globular; the hair flows back behind the head; a dagger is carried in one hand, and the other is raised in token of respect.

Sasanian carvings

Three meters further to the left there is another scene measuring 3.50 meters by 1.50 two persons are carved in this scene, one which is the figure of a woman, who is presenting something resembling a flower to the other figure. The style of clothing of these resembles the soft flowing garments worn at Naqsh-i-Rustam.
As the cliff is worn smooth, it is difficult to go near the carvings. Those who are interested should climb up there with bare feet, and also take a guide with them, for as the carvings are somewhat obscure some time might be wasted in finding them. The best to photograph them is in the afternoon.

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