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Sareban minaret is another Seljuk legacy of Esfahan. At the time of its construction, the "Camel Driver's" Minaret probably had a small mosque at the base of it, but this has long disappeared.
The minaret rises to some 40 m. It consists of seven easily distinguishable portions. The first is a base of plain brick bonding; the second and third sections demonstrate exquisite brick decorations; the upper (fourth) part features a pretty collar, reminiscent of the Corinthian columns. with a discrete blue tile frieze underlining the motif. On top of it (the fifth part), is a ring of geometric designs formed by a relief of bare bricks. The sixth section features a moqarnas collar, ending in a high pinnacle with a long, narrow window, forming the seventh part. Minaet Banna-i decoration on the minaret1.jpg
Sareban Minaet Banna-i decoration on the minaret Minaret Repeated kufic band around the minaret.1.png
Sareban Minaret Repeated kufic band around the minaret






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