Tehran Top 10 Places to Visit in Tehran

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Treasury of National Jewels   1 of 10 attractions in Tehran
Owned by the Central Bank and accessed through its front doors, the cavernous vault that houses what is commonly known as the ‘Jewels Museum’ is probably Tehran’s biggest tourist drawcard. If you’ve already visited the art gallery at the Golestan Palace, you will have seen paintings and photos showing the incredible jewellery with which the Safavid and Qajar monarchs adorned themselves. Come here to gawp at the real things.

Golestan Palace         2 of 10 attractions in Tehran
In what was once the heart of Tehran is this monument to the glories and excesses of the Qajar rulers. A short walk south from Imam Khomeini Sq, the Golestan Palace complex is made up of several grand buildings set around a carefully manicured garden.

Darband      3 of 10 attractions in Tehran
This is one of the places where the younger Iranians like to mingle. The beautiful mountain scenery, restaurants and the aromas from the roasting kebab meat and the ghalian water pipes make for a very pleasant experience while strolling through the place. Many of the restaurants offer a lovely view of the mountains as well excellent typical Iranian dishes.

Milad Tower   4 of 10 attractions in Tehran
The tower is a symbol of modern Iran. You get to see various view stations, some with pocket museums where Persian crafts are on display as well as wax models of famous Iranian personalities. The tour of the Tower is very structured and if you follow it you end up spending a few hours at the tower.

Niavaran Palace Complex    5 of 10 attractions in Tehran
East of Tajrish in the Alborz foothills is the palace where Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family spent most of the last 10 years of royal rule. It’s set in 5 hectares of landscaped gardens and has five separate museums – tickets must be bought individually at the main gate.

Azadi Tower   6 of 10 attractions in Tehran
The structure iconically symbolizes Iran's strength, honor and pride. It is massive, an outstanding architectural design, and enchanting at night with all the colors changing every minute or two.
Tochal Complex   7 of 10 attractions in Tehran
You can go up the Milad tower to see the city but the best views are from the Peaks of Tochal. As you go up the views get better and after ascending to the cable car fifth station, it will be quite unique. There was a great cafeteria in that same station that hasn't been maintained.

Tehran Bazaar    8 of 10 attractions in Tehran 
Best place for hunting some gifts such as spices, shi-sha, pistachio, saffron, and souvenir. Make sure you know how to negotiate and contrast the price difference least 3 places. I had great time here to bargain with all the vendors. You should do so since it may save you quite considerable amounts overall.

National Museum of Iran   9 of 10 attractions in Tehran
This modest museum is no Louvre, but it is chock-full of Iran’s rich history. Designed by French architect André Godard and completed in 1928, it’s one of the more attractive modern buildings in Tehran, blending Sassanian principles such as the grand iwan -style entrance with art deco–style brickwork. Inside is a collection including ceramics, pottery, stone figures and carvings, mostly taken from excavations at Persepolis, Ismail Abad (near Qazvin), Shush, Rey and Turang Tappeh.

Sadabaad Palace   10 of 10 attractions in Tehran
Saad Abad is a collection of palaces in a big garden and the last remains of Iran's late King (Shah) and his family. It is located in north of Tehran very close to mountains so nice and airy. White Palace - Hall



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