Shiraz Restaurants

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Haft Kahn Restaurant Complex
The restaurant is housed in a multi-storey structure of great architectural merit, both inside and out. Each floor offers a different type of food and atmosphere.

Sharzeh Restaurant
Recommended restaurant for excellent food and friendly service. A very large and varied salad bar (including sweets). Traditional live music really adds to the dining experience and atmosphere of the restaurant. A great night had by all!
 Soufi Restaurant
It s one of soofis chain restaurant in shiraz .Soufi is well known in Shiraz with good food, friendly service, authentic atmosphere and nice "live" music that is just the right volume. Fish, chicken, lamp and more. Well worth visiting and a great value, as well!
Baghe Raaz Restaurant
Really enjoyable meal in a restaurant which has something for everyone - the young on the rooftop, families in the wonderful outdoor setting and more formal international dining in the indoor restaurant. Wonderful Iranian food

Shater Abbas Restaurant
One of the best places to eat out in Shiraz. Serves local traditional food, which is cooked in the open kitchen right in front the dining hall. Excellent food quality, but slow service. English menu available

Shapouri Garden Traditional Restaurant
A place where you can enjoy seating in balcony, having your meal. not only as a restaurant but also art and architecture.

Seray-e Mehr Traditional Restaurant
The restaurant is located in the middle of Saraye Moshir. The inside especially the first floor is really atmospheric. The food is not special but ok for the price.
Soofi Traditional Restaurant
It s one of soofis chain restaurant in shiraz .Soufi is well known in Shiraz with good food, friendly service, authentic atmosphere and nice "live" music that is just the right volume. Fish, chicken, lamp and more. Well worth visiting and a great value, as well!

Teen Restaurant
It is a few km away from the main city centre but well worth a visit. An authentic local persian dining experience. The service was excellent, meals were huge and came out quickly. Buffet and A la carte menu options available.

Niayesh Hotel Restaurant
The menu includes some typical Shirazi dishes, Excellent for those who would like to enjoy from traditional home made Iranian foods. And those who are interested in Iranian architecture. You would feel like being in your iranian grandmother home
Hot Fast Food
Hot is a fast food restaurant with very normal food. Nothing to complain about and nothing to point as a WOW. Considering Shiraz fast food restaurants, it's something average with average prices. Not recommended but you have not much options in Shiraz for a acceptable fast food, so try it

Jvani Fast Food
Its one of the most amazing fast food in Shiraz.It has one of the best fried chicken and pizzas.It is located in Sattrakhan street.It is a place where mostly the youth go there
sara Restaurant
Located in the brand new Chamran Grand Hotel located on the picturesque chamran boulevard. Its a coffee shop and a snack cafe, mostly fast food fare. Its clean and nice and usually very crowded.


Sofre Khane Hakhamanesh
Normal traditional place but in city center ,cozy cafe with almost Iranian traditional decoration.Drinks ,food, Shisha or Hooka is also available.As a tourist just try it once.

it is cozy and also it is a place for locals (usually middle class and lower)

Yavar Restaurant
For traditional Shirazi food, local prices and character, the Yavar is excellent. The eslamboli (rice and tomato) and khoresht bademjan (eggplant stew) make a refreshing alternative to kababs (which it also has). There’s no English sign; look for Hossein riding a white horse across the front wall.

Haji Baba Restaurant
The waiters at this place certainly earn their wage, rushing up and down the stairs to serve a constant stream of customers. The khoresht and the fried white fish are better than the kababs, which can be disappointing. Men sit downstairs, women and families upstairs.
Gavara Restaurant
The subterranean Gavara is an old-style local – an unpretentious, neon-lit hall divided into sections for men, and women and families. The menu is big and the food unsophisticated but very tasty; kababs, khoreshts, fish (sometimes) and a decent ghorme sabzi .
Parnian restaurant
the best salad buffet in town can be found in the main restaurant of the very posh Homa Hotel, The best of Shiraz five stars hotel - however do not fear, the prices ore amore than affrodable.
Yord restaurant
Outside the city centre about 8 km this restaurant is housed in a tent !! Food was typical nomad Iranian, tasteful and reasonably priced. The tent was full of carpets and pillows and (typical for Iran) you had to eat cross-legged. The atmosphere was flavored by live music and a big plus for us was the complete absence of other foreign tourists.

The building is an old public bath, dating back to Zand dynasty. Now it is a coffeehouse-restaurant. At night they have live traditional music. U have to reserve a table a few days in advance, especially if u r there in summer.

Cafe Forough
Located in cultural corner of city,neighboring Hafez Tomb,Cafe Forough provides welcoming atmosphere to serve taste of Shiraz,good music,meeting different people sharing common interests:Art and Culture;where`s been the place for socializing intellectuals,artists,writers,activists. Forough is humbly for the experience to remember.

Cafe' Ferdowsi
Nice cafe with Persian design on Ferdowsi street. You can enjoy some special persian drink and food. and if you looking for vegetarian food, Cafe ferdowsi is good choise for you. "Ab Dough Khiar" Tarator is my suggestion to you.



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