Yazd Top 10 Hotels

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Kohan Traditional Hotel  1 of 10 hotels in Yazd
Kohan Traditional Hotel is located at the center of Yazd traditional texture. So it is close to the traditional sightsee such as Lariha house,Alexander Prison, Twelve Emam Tomb, Traditional Bazar, Jame Mosque and Coin Museum. Moreover it has also some sightsee such as Ghanat, the highest roof which is dominant to the view of Yazd’s wind towers.
Bagh Moshir Hotel 4*  2 of 10 hotels in Yazd
Bagh Moshir, Yazd is one of the finest hotels in Yazd in Iran. It is situated in Enghelab Street in Yazd. The hotel offers a host of facilities like car parking, car rental, tour desk, easy access to restaurants, shops and tourist attractions and much more.
Laleh Hotel 4*  3 of 10 hotels in Yazd
Laleh hotel (ancient complex of Golshan) belongs to Ghajar (Qajar) period. This building was used to be a residential complex before 1978. The renovation started in 2001 and after 3 years its usage was changed to a traditional hotel
Laleh hotel with exceptional locatin, next to the ''Golshan'' historical water reservoir  and is at the heart of the historical area.
Safaieh Hotel 4*  4 of 10 hotels in Yazd
It is located in a very fantastic green area on the south in the section of the city.
It is close to Zoroastrian fire temple & tower of silence(a circular building where the Zoroastrians lay the bodies of their dead) and about 15 km from the old city context.
Dad Hotel 3*  5 of 10 hotels in Yazd
Hotel Dad is located at the heart of historic city, Yazd. The complex contains 54 single, double, and triple rooms, which can be connected to one another. Special bridal suites and additional suites are also available. Notable services of the hotel include: a swimming pool, which offers complete pool side service to the guests, a sauna, and Jacuzzi.
Malek-o-tojjar Antique Hotel 6 of 10 hotels in Yazd
This hotel is an ancient mansion once belonged to Haj Ali Askarshirazi, one of the well known business men whose title "malek al tojjar" was bestowed by Naser al din shah,a king of the Qajar dynasty, due to his trustworthy. His descendants of four generations lived in this house.
Traditional Hotel 7 of 10 hotels in Yazd
The hotel as a beautiful monument and architectural master pieces of its own area has lain preciously as a pearl in the middle of ancient city of Yazd. It enjoys from 25 suites equipped with central air conditioning TV set, refrigerator, central video system , internet connection, satellite TV and wide windows opening  to two large splendid yards.
FAHADAN MUSEUM HOTEL 4*  8 of 10 hotels in Yazd
This hotel is situated in an old mansion known as "Tehraniha house", which belongs to Qajar era.The Tehrani family, carpet traders, lived in this house some 250 years ago.
The beauty and the magnificence of the building caused it to be used as the economic consul office of some European countries such as France and Germany in the past.

Vali Traditional House Hotel 9 of 10 hotels in Yazd
The Hotel is another of the renovated traditonal houses in Yazd and quite lovely.located, close to the Bazaar and other attractive sights in Yazd, this traditional house is your favorite hotel during the  stay in Iran.
Lab-e-Khandaq Historical Hotel 10 of 10 hotels in Yazd
Lab-e-khandaq hotel is located in an ancient mansion known as Tayyebi house in Lab-e-khandagh neighborhood. the building dates back to the late Qajar era and is close to the Qiam avenue and the ancient bazaars. This building enjoys a main courtyard, an orangery, a wind catcher, a traditional hall and a roof connected to some other house which overlooks the historical quarter.


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