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Iran top 10 church ghare church

St. Thaddeus Monastery
The Saint Thaddeus Monastery (Armenian: Սուրբ Թադէոսի վանք Surb Tadeosi vank' ; Azerbaijani/Persian: قره‌ کلیسا‎ or Ghareh Keliseh, literally "The Black Church") is an ancient Armenian monastery located in the mountainous area of Iran's West Azerbaijan Province, about 20 kilometers from the town of Maku.
The monastery is visible from a distance because of the massiveness of the church, strongly characterized by the polygonal drums and conical roofs of its two domes. There are several chapels nearby: three on the hills east of the stream, one approximately 3km south of the monastery on the road to Bastam, and another that serves as the church for the village of Ghara-Kilise.

Iranian Armenian Churches


Iran Top 10 church st stepanoos

st.stepanos church
st.stepanos church is located at 10 kilometers west of JOLFA whit a distance of 3 kilometers by the ARAX river near DARRE SHAM region. in which the deserted DARRE SHAM village has been situated on it.the name of the church driven from the name of the first martyr of the Christian world. the church situated in a fortified region,too.opinions about the date of construction some believe that the original building constructed in the begining of the Christianity, but TAVERNIER dated in the Safavid era.




Iran Top 10 churches

Cantour Church
This church has been built by Russian forces when Qazvin was occupied. The tomb of a Russian pilot is here.







Iran Top 10 churches 

Church of St. Mary (Nane Maryam church)
Many old churches remain in Iran from the early days of Christianity. The Church of St. Mary in northwestern Iran (West Azerbaijan Province- Urmia city) for example, is considered by some historians to be the second oldest church in Christendom after the Church of Bethlehem in the West Bank. It is believed by some to have been first built in 32 AD. A Chinese princess, who contributed to its reconstruction in 642 AD, has her name engraved on a stone on the church wall. The famous Italian traveler Marco Polo also described the church in his visit.
The current building of the church belongs to the Sassanian era and its interior design is a combination of Sassanian and Arsacid architecture. Church of St. Mary does not look like other churches.

Iran Top 10 churches

Zoorzoor (Barone) Church

this church is in the village of Barone in Zangar Valley, and in order to save it from damages, the church structure was hauled up on the mountain with the utmost care and concentration. This church dates back to the 10th century AD.






Vank Cathedral  
Vank Cathedral was one of the first churches to be established in the city's Jolfa district by Armenian deportees settled by Shah Abbas I after the Ottoman War of 1603-1605. The varying fortunes and independence of this suburb across the Zayandeh rood and its eclectic mix of European missionaries, mercenaries, and travelers can be traced almost chronologically in the cathedral's combination of building styles and contrasts in its external and internal architectural treatment.





Iran Top 10 churches

Saint Sarkis Cathedral
Saint Sarkis Cathedral is an Armenian Apostolic church in Tehran, Iran. The construction of St. Sarkis Church in Tehran began in 1964 and was complete by 1970. The church was built by Sarkisian brothers in memory of their parents.
At the beginning the Tehran prelacy was located in conjunction with St. Mother Mary Church in central Tehran. In the early 1960s, it was decided to change the site of the prelacy offices into a new location.




Iran Top 10 churches

Hakoop Church    
This is the very first Armenian Church in the territory of Esfahan and was constructed in 1065 AH after the Armenians immigrated to this vicinity. At present this church is located in the courtyard of the St. Mary's Church.







Iran Top 10 churches

Saint Mary Church

The Saint Mary's Armenian church is an Armenian Christian church located in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. It is the largest and oldest Christian church in Tabriz and a notable center for Armenian national and religious ceremonies held by the Armenian community of Tabriz. The church is located in the Dik Bashi district of Tabriz.
This church was built in the 6th century AH (12th century AD) and in his travel chronicles, Marco Polo, the famous Venetian traveler who lived during the 8th century AH (14th century AD), referred to this church on his way to China. For many years, Saint Mary's served as the seat of the Azarbaijan Armenian archbishop.




- Saint Mary Church Urmia


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