Nain old bazar

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Na'in old bazar


Na'in old bazar

The Bazaar is another of Na'in's remarkable, historical attractions.

The bazaar extends 340 m in a curved line from the Gate of Chehel Dokhtaran to the mosque of Khajeh Khezr and is connected by main alleys as well as by tributary passages to centres of neighbourhoods. The bazaar has two crossroads or chahar su.

Parts of the bazaar have been renovated and the many and varied shops in the bazaar were active until a few years ago.

However, nowadays the bazaar has been almost deserted since the retailers moved to the city's streets.

A number of Na'in's important monuments, such as the mosque of Sheikh Maghrebi, the mosque of Khajeh, and the Hosseinieh of Chehel Dokhtaran are still noteworthy facets of Naein’s extraordinary bazaar.




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