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Median Kingdom (728-550 B.C.)

The Median Kingdom started with the rule of Deioces. He organized his realm into several provinces and created a strong army to stop the Assyrians. The military genius of his son and successor, Phraortes, helped the Medes defeat the Assyrians. After Phraortes, there was a short period of Scythian domination over the Medes until they were overthrown by Cyaxares, who induced Scythian kings to get so drunk that they were then easily slain. Cyaxares, the greatest king of the Medes, reorganized the army and utterly defeated the Assyrians. At his death, the Medes controlled vast territories, stretching from Anatolia in modern Turkey to the area of Tehran as well as all of southwestern Iran. The last king of the Medes, Astyages, was perhaps the first unjust ruler of the country. Moreover, the simplistic life style of the Aryans that provided the Medes with their amazing conquests, was replaced with an extravagant Mesopotamian court life. The Median Kingdom started to decline. The Persian Achaemenid dynasty. tracing their origin from Khahamanish (Achaemenes, in Greek), were gaining power.

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