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8 reasons to buy a Persian carpet
Persian carpets have been famous for centuries. Even today a rug from Iran is associated with excellence and superiority. But bargaining for one is not even the best part of the experience. It is chatting with carpet shopkeepers, drinking tea with merchants and admiring the architecture of the bazaar what makes shopping for a carpet in Iran so enjoyable. If you are not planning on buying a Persian rug any time soon – make sure to check our compilation of the best photos from country’s carpet bazaars. Sure these will change your mind. reasons to buy a Persian carpet.jpg

1.Buying a Persian carpet means buying a small peace of Persian art and culture.

For centuries carpet weaving was an essential activity in Iran, considered an art

rather than business. reasons to buy a Persian carpet1.jpg

2.It also means acquiring an absolutely unique good. As all Persian carpets are strictly hand-knotted, each has an absolutely distinguished pattern. There is a custom of making

one mistake in the weave: according to Persians, this is to show that only God is perfect;

humans are prone to mistakes. reasons to buy a Persian carpet2.jpg

3.Purchasing an Iranian carpet equates to acquiring a high quality product. Persian rugs can be identified by their very thick pile of up to 1,500 knots per square inch and higher for good quality rugs. reasons to buy a Persian carpet3.jpg
4.Shopping for carpet in Iran means buying from the best in the field. Iran is the world’s largest producer of handmade carpets, accounting for three quarters of world’s total output. It sets the scene in carpet making: designs are often copied by weavers from other countries. Iran also holds the record for the largest handmade carpet in the history of the world: 5,624.9 square metres, a size of the football field. reasons to buy a Persian carpet4.jpg
5.In addition to quality, Persian carpets are well-known around the world for their extraordinary designs, rich combination of colors and excellent texture and yarns’ patina. Today Iran produces about five million square metres of carpets annually, and exports it to more than 100 countries. reasons to buy a Persian carpet5.jpg
6.Acquiring a rug in Iran means supporting local trade. Today there is an estimated population of 1.2 million weavers in Iran. reasons to buy a Persian carpet6.jpg
7.Carpets from Iran make a good investment. As long as a rug is truly handmade it will increase in value over time. reasons to buy a Persian carpet7.jpg
8.Best of all – choosing an Iranian carpet is a great experience. You will most probably be offered a tea and a good chat, and have some fun bargaining for final price. reasons to buy a Persian carpet8.jpg


+2 #2 saeed ahbab 2018-01-16 21:17
hello first photo is i and my shop .we can help u to find best of Persian carpet in Tabriz i am adviser and expert in carpet at Tabriz greet bazaar. so thanks my other contact address
+4 #1 sara 2015-07-24 09:14
All your reasons for Iranian carpet is correct,I have one persian carpet in my room and all my friends ask me about the color and quality of it.
i bout it from Isfahan bazar

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