The Pahlavi Crown

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The Pahlavi Crown


The Pahlavi Crown is a modern crown designed and manufactured in 1925 by order of Reza Khan who mounted the Iranian throne as Reza Shah Pahlavi in ​​1925, but the design of the crown was based on a motif of the Sassanid dynasty that ruled Iran The 3rd to the 7th century N. Chr.

The difficult task of designing and designing the crown was made by a group of experienced Iranian jewelers under the supervision of Haj Siraj-ed-Din, an experienced jewelery maker who was a former national of Soviet Uzbekistan, and was appointed by the Emir of Bukhara , But later emigrated from the Soviet Union to Iran. A variety of loose gemstones such as diamonds, pearls, emeralds and sapphires, which were available at the Royal Treasury, were used for this purpose

The crown has a height of 29.8 cm without the aigrette and a diameter of 19.8 cm corresponds to a circumference of 62 cm. The lower half of the crown, which fits on the head, has the same diameter of 19.8 cm, but the upper half gradually increases in diameter and engages the traditional crown. The upper edge of the outer frame of the crown is wavy forming four main crests and four main grooves. The "cap" of the crown is supported by several semicircular bands.
The crown consists of red velvet, gold and silver, and encrusted with jewels. The main motif of the crown is the forged sunburst with a large, 60-carat, brilliantly polished yellow diamond in the center. The sun is a symbol of the Aryan origin of the Iranian people. The total weight of the crown is 2.08 kg. Unlike the Kiani crown, which is mainly made of natural pearls, the Pahlavi crown consists mainly of diamonds. There are 3,380 diamonds on the crown, with a total weight of 1,144 carats, the largest of which is the 60-carat yellow diamond described above. There are 369 strikingly similar natural pearls on the crown, which is arranged horizontally in three rows around the perimeter of the crown. One of the rows is at the bottom, one along the wavy edge, and somewhere in the middle, at the top of the lower half. There are also 5 emeralds in the crown, the largest of which is 100 carats.

An aigrette with a combination of a jewel motif and natural feathers is attached to the front of the crown, vertically above the decorated sunburst.

The Pahlavi crown was used not only for the coronation of Reza Shah Pahlavi in ​​April 1925, but also for the coronation of his son and successor Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, when he finally decided to have his coronation after he had left her for more than 25 years Years, 1967,

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