Four suggestions for walking in Tehran

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Four suggestions for walking in Tehran

Tehran is a busy and crowded city that most people prefer the car for fun.But there are people who like to walk, especially in the evening and night.In this crowded city, there are some very interesting places to do this.wher you will find new things.Places with tall trees and walled sidewalks.Parks, gardens and historic palaces are good places to do.

Here are 4 suggestions for this Tehran tour.

Vali-e-Asr Street
The longest street in Tehran from South, walking Rail Road Sq up to North of Tehran Tajrish Sq with about 15 Km length.One of the most important features of this street is the existence of old plantain trees along the street.Another feature of this street is the existence of many different stores along the street.In the final hours of the evening, walk in this street and talk to people and learn more about Iranian culture.This street from Parkvey cross road up to Tajrish has a very different atmosphere than another part of it.

Golestan Palace
The Golestan Palace is located near the great bazaar of Tehran.The old district around the Golestan Palace and the Tehran Grand Bazar are one of the best areas for walking.
You can enjoy activities like, Riding carriage, hire the bike, and talk with people around the Bazar.In this palace, you can visit various halls of Golestan Palace and complete the daily excursion by purchasing from the great Bazar of Tehran.
The Golestan Palace Collection, a memorial o the historic citadel of Tehran, had been the residence of the kings of Qajar dynasty and one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings of the 200-year-old capital of Iran.This historic complex includes several palaces, museum, and courtyard, which are very beautiful and spectacular.

Attractions of Tochal camp and mountains of northern Tehran
Tochal peak, in the north of Tehran, at 3962 meters, is part of the Alborz mountain range.The southern range of this range is close to Capital and is the tallest point of Tehran, which is famous to the roof of Tehran.You can directly drive from Velenjak St to Station No can start your walk and use different restaurants, cafes and other facilities on the way.

30 Tir Street
30 Tir Street is one of the oldest streets in the capital, which has now become one of the most prominent and most interesting streets in Tehran. On this street, you can see the most interesting historical sites of Tehran on a street.
National Museum of Tehran, Glassware and Ceramic museum, the Ancient Churches, the Synagogue of the Jews
Zoroastrian fire temple and other historic and spectacular monuments of this area are the attractions of this street.

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