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One day tour in Tehran
Iran, the country of the four seasons of the Middle East, is so amusing with its magical beauty that attracts every tourist.
They consider Iran as a mystery country Which should discover all part of it.
pearl yan is one of the people who did not pay attention to negative propaganda against Iran and failed to resist his curiosity.

One day tour in Tehran

At a different glance to Tehran, A 24 hours capital has written about his experience of a day Tehran surfing.Tehran is a huge city with terrible traffic.These problems will not allow you to see all the beauty of Tehran easily.But a regular program will help you to extend approach your goal.With a pre-made plan and some familiarity with public transport, you can have a very good day in Tehran.

Laleh Park

09:00 Am Laleh Park
One of the important points in Tehran is the various parks.These parks allow you to start your morning in green and eye-catching spaces.Among these parks, Laleh has a great reputation because it is well designed and is located near the center of Tehran.The special position of this park and its fountains caused to have many lovers.This park also has a special place in my heart, because it was the first place, I visited in Iran.When I was walking in the park I was invited to an Iranian breakfast.And this was the most real gift for me.With simple outdoor fitness features that are available for free.There is no excuse for non-exercise in this park.
The restaurants in this area also have wonderful options for breakfast from both Iranian and non-Iranian.If you need caffeine to start your day, you can visit them.

Grand Bazar

11:00 Am Grand Bazar
If you want to know the best experience in Tehran, I'm just suggesting a tour in the Tehran Grand Bazar.In this market, you can find anything you think.Carpet, Spice, Cloth, Gold,
Home Appliances, shoe, and other things you need in this massive market.Do not be afraid of getting lost in this market because it lets you discover new things.There is a popular restaurant in the market that serves the most delicious Iranian food(Tah chin).Als, You can enjoy delicious Iranian fruit juices on the way of Bazar.

Golestan Palace

01:00 Pm Golestan Palace
After a tasty lunch break at the Tehran market bazaar and buy a variety of souvenirs, the best place to visit is Tehran's Golestan Palace.This palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era.It is considered as a rare example of Iranian art and architecture in one of the historical periods of Iran.The Golestan Palace complex consists of several large buildings and a beautiful garden.But I suggest, do not miss the three buildings, the mirror hall and the diamond hall.

Cinema Museum

03:00 Pm Cinema Museum
After a short visiting at Golestan Palace, we move to North of Tehran.If you are interested in art and culture, the cinema museum is definitely a worth place.The museum is located in a Qajar era building and is the first Iranian cinema.The cinema museum is an exhibition of equipment, photos, and posters of the Iranian film industry, which also has a description in English.You can also take tea in restaurants and coffee shops and chat with the locals.Do not worry about communicating. A typical English-speaking Tehrani is found anywhere in the city.

Saleh holy shrine

05:00 Saleh holy shrine
Sightseeing in Tehran is not complete without seeing Imam Zadeh Saleh(Saleh holy shrine).This sacred place is located in the Tajrish area and is located in a short distance from the Museum of the Cinema.To enter this place, it is mandatory for women to wear a Chador.You will be given a Chador at the time of entering this place.
The walls and ceilings are covered with fine mirrors, and the reflection of the colored lights in them is such that sometimes I could not open my eyes.

Nature Bridge

07:00 Nature Bridge
Bridges have always been an integral part of Iranian identity, and Isfahan is known for having multiple bridges.Now in the heart of Tehran there is a bridge called Nature, which is not just a large pedestrian bridge, but it is the winner of an important architecture award in the world.This bridge is designed by an Iranian architecture student.This beautiful bridge connects two parks and provides places for stopping and enjoying the scenery.At night, the colorful lights of the bridge shine and making Tehran a magical city.The bars and restaurants on the bridge offer delicious experiences at an affordable price. So do not forget to spend your dinner there.

Milad Tower

09:00 Milad Tower
Each major city in the world has a spectacular tower, and Tehran has the Milad Tower.This is a great way to watch Tehran.Anyway, what better is to stand on the top of the Milad Tower and watch a spectacular view of Tehran.

Hookah & tea

10:00 Hookah & tea
You can go to one of the local cafes in different parts of Tehran and drink tea or if you want hookah.


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