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Piroozy Hotel 4*

iran, isfahan, first of chaharbagh-e-paein s, emam hosein sq, Isfahan, -, Isfahan, Iran
Piroozy Hotel 4*
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Isfahan Piroozy  Four Star Hotel (Formerly Daryoosh)

Isfahan Piroozy Four Star Hotel located at the center of turquoise dormes , With more than 35 Years experience proudly announced is ready to present a travel that cause rememberance to the land of literature and art , a hated next to the chehel - e - Soton  building and garden (5min) and last distance to naghsh - e – Jahan great collecting, Imam Mosque, alai – qapou , shaykh – Lotfallah and Isfahan big bazzar …(8 min) Hasht – Behesht bulding and garden (5 min) chahar – bagh mosque and school and Honar bazzar (10 min) Natural Historical Museum (Taymury Hall), Contemparary Arts Museum and Decorative Arts Museum (5 min) , Ali – Ghli – Agha histrocal Collection including mini bazzar 8 bath 8 mosque (10 min) . in green  margin of old chahr – bagh , an avenue which could goin you to beautiful Zayande – Rood river and beautiful & histrocal bridges like as si – o – se pol, khahoo , marnoon , …

By the way in wich Shah – Abbas - e – safavi walks along 35 years ago.


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