Louvre Museum in Tehran

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"Louvre Museum" in Tehran
French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Ludrian and Jean-Luc Martinez, President of the Paris Louvre Museum, will open the "Louvre Museum in Tehran "the Treasures of the French National Collections" exhibition at the National Museum of Iran on Monday, March 5th.

National Museum

The Louvre exhibition in Tehran will  held from March 5th (March 14th, 1396) to June 8th (June 18, 1397) at the National Museum of Iran. This is the first exhibition of the Museum of the Louvre in Iran.
More than 50 international works from different parts of the Louvre Museum will hold in this museum to familiarize the people of Iran with this museum.
The Louvre exhibition in Tehran shows the history of the Louvre Museum since its inception in 1793 to contemporary history.
The exhibition is the result of an "exemplary collaboration between the Louvre Museum and the National Museum of Iran", and another step in the framework of the contract signed between the Louvre Museum and the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization in January 2016.
The opening ceremony of the Louvre exhibition in Tehran coincides with the 70th anniversary of the National Museum of Iran.The museum was built by Andre Godard on request from Iran and is one of the most important Iranian museums in the field of archaeological collections in Iran.

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