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Hafez Abol Ala' (Qorban Tower) Tomb

This tomb is located in the city of Hamadan near the Ebne Sina Junior School. This is the resting abode of 'Sheikh-ol-Islam Hassan Ebne Attar Hafez Abol Ala' and a group of the commanders of the Saljuqi period. It was built in the 7th and 8th centuries AH., comprises of a brick tower with twelve sides and a brick pyramid shaped dome consisting of twelve (brick) panels.
This edifice is a monumental tower with a twelve-sided conical cupola, located to the south of the city, not far from the Moṣallā hill. Inside the tower, there is a crypt, where fragments of a tombstone of Safavid times could still be seen in place about forty years ago. There are, however, reasons to believe that the building may date from the 13th-14th century period. The tower consists of the tomb chamber of Ḥāfeẓ Abu’l-ʿAlāʾ, a religious figure of the Saljuq period. According to Jackson, on certain occasions, people sacrificed a camel inside the tower, which was believed to have been originally a Zoroastrian fire temple.
The external part of the building is composed of arches of unique and spectacular design. In the center of the tower is a simple grave, the tomb-stone of which is related to the Safavid period. It is said, that a person by the name of 'Qorban' constructed a trench in this area to safe-guard the people of this locality against the Afqan invasion. Thence the name of this tower. The Qorban tower is on record by The Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran.

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