Why You Should Visit Iran

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Why You Should Visit Iran

A visit to Iran? Why might you go to Iran? Isn't Iran Dangerous? These are quite recently a portion of the inquiries I am gotten some information about my outing to Iran in 2012. I figured the time had come to compose a post about that trek, and why you ought to put Iran high on your rundown of nations to visit. Presently is particularly an extraordinary time to go there. Lets answer one question first;

Is Iran safe to visit?

This is a typical question, and in the event that you need the fast answer, then yes Iran is protected to visit, in parts. I say in parts as there are a few zones, particularly around the Afghanistan and Pakistan fringe regions, that can be perilous.

However by far most of Iran is impeccably protected, and I have felt exceptionally invited wherever I went. Considering that my administration (U.K.) are one of the main nations putting sanctions on Iran, I was fairly wary while being asked where I was from. I generally got a similar reaction: U.K. incredible nation! Welcome to my nation!

Obviously the circumstance can change later on, however starting at now it is fine to go to Iran.

Never judge a book by its cover. Never could that be more valid than with Iran. When you hear the word Iran you could naturally consider atomic weapons and baneful forces that be and so on, however the inverse is valid. Obviously Iran has its butt holes, similar to each nation, and I am absolutely not extremely attached to their legislature, but rather my experience, and additionally companions who have been there, is that the general population you will meet are overwhelmingly neighborly.

Upon landing in Tehran airplane terminal a man offered to help get me get into Tehran, in the wake of seeing me look rather lost! He went ahead the transport for twenty minutes or something like that, before exchanging to the metro. After an additional twenty minutes he strolled with me too discover the lodging I was remaining at. He then said farewell and please make the most of my nation. On top of all that he payed for my vehicle, and it turned out he was going the other way. Welcome to Iran in reality.

I met military officers in Esfahan who hanged out and had a snicker. Off every one of the general population who might be annoyed about where I was from, I figured it would be them, yet they were inviting, and was the same all over the place.

Iran has a stunning antiquated history. The persian domain was once huge, deserting archeological marvels. The urban areas are loaded with old structures, particularly attractive mosques and old living arrangements. The landscape goes from huge city to leave, then uneven territory instant. Inside the urban communities are gigantic bazaars offering all that you could imagine, the most great of which I found in Esfahan, the social capital. Meandering around the enormous complex, losing all sense of direction in the labyrinth of paths and shops, is an extraordinary approach to spend a couple of hours.

Taking a taxi into the leave and climbing through the rises is extremely tranquil. Going into the mountains and going to old towns loaded with grinning local people, while looking for conventional artworks. Investigating the old living arrangements of flawlessly outlined structures, loaded with magnificence in Kashan. Going to the amazing old remains of Persepolis and other old locales. There are numerous, numerous other such great things to see and do.

The food

In the event that you never visit Iran, then in any event attempt to locate a neighborhood Persian eatery close you too test the delightful cooking. Beside the typical tasting kebabs found all through the area, there are numerous different pleasures to find. Sitting on the floor in an old eatery, you can relish the essence of a camel steak with rice spiced in a wide range of flavors.

Remaining at a home-remain in a forsake desert garden as an old grandma concocts eggplant in an old earthen stove, canvassed in aged cheddar and flavors, was the best eggplant I have ever eaten. Wonderful soups and stews, sweetly spiced pilaf rice, customary Iranian frozen yogurt. Your taste buds won't be disturbed!

Iran is cheap to travel.

As a spending voyager (hiking particularly), Iran is brilliant incentive for cash. When I went to two years back the official bank rate was one euro to 12500 Iranian rial. However, on the bootleg market, where practically everybody changes, the rate was $1 to 19000 Iranian rial. Extraordinary! A couple of months after my visit, a few companions got a bootleg market rate of around $1 to 30000 rial.

You can get in modest overland from Turkey effectively, or through more bother nations circumscribing Iran. I got a shabby flight to Amsterdam from Tehran on Pegasus aircrafts, and a shoddy flight into Tehran on Tajikistan carriers from Dushanbe.

Getting a Persian cover while there could be something to be thankful for, as they are extremely modest to purchase right now.


There is some strict clothing regulations in Iran, being a transcendently muslim nation. On the off chance that you are a female going to Iran, then you should wear a head scarf and a coat that covers your butt. This is not the sort of head scarf that covers your face, however over the hair. The headscarf is a law in Iran and must be worn. As terrible as that may sound, numerous female companions went to Iran and had no issues. It surely is not perfect, but rather it must be finished.

Men must wear pants in Iran, no shorts are permitted. Liquor is illicit, so don't expect insane gatherings! Be that as it may in the event that you truly need a drink, you could locate some underground places.

Getting an Iranian visa.

Presently you have a sufficiently fair motivation to visit Iran, lets get onto the critical step, getting an Iranian visa. This is the genuine bitch of a visit to Iran, the visa. All off this data is substantial as of February 2014. Things can clearly change later on.

In the event that you are from the U.S.A. at that point there is some terrible news, you can't get a free visa to visit Iran. This is all political obviously, with colossal doubt between the two governments. The main way US nationals can visit Iran is on a sorted out visit. (Refresh: As of March 2014 British and Canadians likewise should be on a sorted out visit, yet the strategy for utilizing an office for a visa is as yet legitimate for different nationalities). Likewise a few explorers I met have detailed that it is very simple to get an Iranian visa in Trabzon, Turkey, despite the fact that I can't freely confirm this.

For whatever remains of the world it relies on upon your nation with respect to how much a visa costs. As it would be exceptionally illogical to rundown all nations necessities, do a web look for your own particular one. The visa taken a toll for me as a UK national in 2011 was an incredible $250! In any case, on the other hand our administrations don't precisely get along.

Having said that, companions from different nations who get less expensive visas, for example, The Netherlands, got denied a visa all together, while others from The Netherlands got a visa. Kindred nationals from my nation got denied a visa, while I got one. It is by all accounts a lottery on who gets a visa or not. It is a fairly bizarre framework.


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