Museum of coins

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Museum of coins


Museum of coins and banknotes from different eras.

Coin Museum

This collection consists of approximately 1400 coins and 750 banknotes, which were placed in a housing with almost 2000 square meters. M area, while showing noticeable section of Iranian coins and notes and also shows parts of the history of this country.

The main sections of this collection are:

- Circles of the transaction and period before the coinage
- Most ancient coins from all over the world and Iran
- coins from the pre-Islamic era, including Achamenid, Seleucid, Parthian and Sassanian dynasties, as well as the governments that were their kinsmen, king of Pars, Khorasan and Elyamid governments.
- coins after Islam from the beginning of the Islamic government until 2002

- special exhibitions, which include the smallest and largest coins all over the world, commemorative coins, medallions, the use of coins in ornaments, scrap metal coins, weighing units, mint form, the difference between hammered and machine coins, old coins with New brands defective In coins
- Comments including bills containing the oldest designs in the Nassereddin Shah era and the most comprehensive collection of Iranian historical notes from the beginning of the painting of them by the Imperial Bank until now.

This museum consists of other sections such as gallery, database, specialist library, theater, film, bookstore and café.

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