Isfahan Top 10 Restaurants

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Banquet Hall Traditional    1 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
A great place for lunch, if you are in Imam square, provided you can cope with sitting on the floor for the duration. A very nice large room, with lovely wall decorations and stained glass. Staff were helpful and attentive.
Azadegan Cafe   2 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
This quaint teahouse is worth looking for. The food is nothing special, definitely not the best Dizzy you will get in Iran but the atmosphere makes up for any shortcomings in that department. You will have to make an effort to catch the single "waiter" but do go. The mix of locals and tourists makes for great people watching.
Shahrazad Restaurant (Traditional)  3 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
Delicately carved antique wooden furniture, rich paintings adorning the interior walls, colorful stained glass work on grand windows, life-size mirrors lining the hall, and dim incandescent flares creating a romantic, laidback ambience – dine like a Safavid royal at a very modest price!
An all-vegetarian menu is also available if you have not quite grown to like the taste of Iranian meat. A small but tasty variety of seafood is also served.
The place is very popular with tourists, as it is not as expensive as the interior suggests. You have to arrive early for a meal to get quality service.
Malek Soltan Jarchi Bashi   4 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
This resturant is the most beautiful resturant in Esfahan. It is a nicely renovated old hamam which gives you an unforgatable time with just being there. However, if you go to a resturant your primary goal is probably an unforgetable food experience which this resturant can not offer it I am affraid. Food options are very few with totaly average quality and sky high prices.
Espadana Restaurant   5 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
Espadana restaurant is a good restaurant , managed by the owner of the famous " Khan Gostar " restaurant in Esfahan .
The Food quality is excellent and it has all kinds of famous and delicious Iranian and Western food .
Situated in Espadana Hotel of Esfahan , Between 33 Pol Bridge and Ferdowsi bridge , on the South Bank of the river
Sofreh Khaneh Sonnati (Peruvian)   6 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
A very vernacular interior, complete with flat wooden day beds (takhats/masehris) laid out for the diners to recline on as they eat. High windows with painted glass figures, and blue, white, and golden tile work complete the perfect Isfahani setting for a meal fit for a Persian king.
And the food? Very authentic, very delicious. Try the biryani and the eggplant stew.
Bastani Restaurant (Traditional)  7 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
Located in front of the Imam Mosque (Shah Masjid) at the Naqsh e Jahan Square, the restaurant is geared specifically towards foreign travelers – it introduces them to the local aesthetics of décor and lighting while giving them an opportunity to splurge on some pleasing meat dishes from around Iran.
 Zagros Restaurant    8 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
This restaurant definitely bags the best location prize for its stupendous views of Esfahan, other than that a terrible choice to eat out.They provide cramped minivans from the base to the restaurant uphill and the interiors are pretty cool with wood paneled ceilings and bay windows. The staff speak passable English and are terrible at best
Khan Gostar Restaurant (Middle Eastern/Traditional) 9 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
This restaurant is located inside the Julfa Hotel. You will find a kind of erratic, bustling environment inside rather than a composed, laidback one. This means that people come and leave very quickly, and there is generally a lot of commotion – but this automatically also means that the service is extremely efficient.
The menu contains many dishes from Iranian cities and the suburbs, in addition to freshly prepared colorful salads and sweet dishes from the Middle East.
Roozgar Tea House  10 of 10 Top restaurants in Esfahan
One of the best and most pleasant coffee shops in is located in naghshe jahan square and has freindly staffs you can taste iranaian teraditional drinking in roozegar , it has lot of books , you can read poems during drinking coffee or tea , you can hear lighte iranian music in that cofeeshop,

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