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Your first trip to Iran and things that you need to know and learn about
Well , let's see. Remember that as much as Iranian society and culture is mysterious to you , the same is valid for Iranians when come across you . So , we all need to learn from each other.
Is Iran safe for visit ?
The most commonly asked question about travel to Iran is easiest to answer. Yes!
Hotel Accommodation in Iran  
Hotels (mehmankhane or hotel) in Iran are classified in categories from one to five stars, and guesthouses (mosaferkhane) in surperior, first and second class. The mosaferkhane offer rudimentary services, particulary second class ones, but are very cheap and can often be paid in rial, whereas most hotels now ask foreigners to pay in US dollars.

Iran – 10 Things You didn’t Know

“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” – Clifton Fadiman

Perian Cuisine     

Persian cuisine is ancient, varied and cosmopolitan. Eating habits and products from ancient Greece, Rome and many Asian and Mediterranean cultures have influenced and are affected by this unique cuisine.

 A Complete Guide to the Iranian Kebab
Iran is the land of kebabs but Iranian cuisine is much more diverse, complicated and difficult to be made than that. Located in the Middle East, Iranian cuisine has both influenced and been influenced by its Western and Eastern neighbors. Perhaps, the modern Iranian style of cooking includes a wide variety of foods, a combination of Mesopotamian, Anatolian, Central Asian, Russian, Armenian and the ancient Iranian recipes, finely blended together as one of the most delicious cuisines in the world.In Iran...

Persian Carpet
Persian art is best known in the West for its carpets. Europeans had their first encounter with Persian rugs by at least the 15th century and the initial impression has never changed; in carpet weaving Iran is considered to have no equal. No researcher can define the exact beginning date of carpet weaving in Iran. reasons to buy a Persian carpet4.jpg
Most Iranians are Muslims. Around 89% belong to Shi'a branch of Islam, the official state religion, and about 9% belong to the Sunni branch of Islam. The remaining 2% are non-Muslim religious minorities, including...
Iranian Money  
Iranian Rial
The rial (ISO 4217 code IRR) is the currency of Iran. It is subdivided into 100 dinar but, because of the very low current value of the rial, no fraction of the rial is used in accounting.

Hotels are by far the most convenient place from which to telephone abroad and long-distance calls are relatively cheap.
Time Zone
Tehran time is GMT plus three and a half hours. Iran has now introduced daylight saving time (the clocks change by an hour in March and September) so that for a few weeks there may be an extra hours difference with Continental Europe.
Iranian Calendar 
There are three different calendars in use in Iran. The first is the Persian calendar, a solar one, the direct descendant of the Zoroastrian calendars of pre-Islamic Persia, which has years of 365 days divided into 12 months of 30 or 31 days each.
10 Things to Do Before You Travel
Shopping  in Iran
Iranian arts and crafts are extremely varied and, in most cases, have a very long tradition behind them. They include carpets, kilims (gelim), printed cloth, brocade, inlaid wood, miniatures, and copper and brassware, to name just a few. Unfortunately, these crafts have been declining in quality for a few years and the hotel and airport shops-when they exist-offer only a limited choice, which is  soon repetitive.
 Iranian arts and crafts are extremely varied and,
Persian Language
Persian (Fārs) is a member of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. It is spoken by an estimated 71 million people, primarily in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Persian Calligraphy
The art of calligraphy is one of the reputable and famous arts in Iran. The glorious art of calligraphy and its numerous decorations have always been praised by Iranologs.
The importance of the art of calligraphy among Iranian arts is such that some arts seem to be imperfect, without decorative calligraphy.

Dress Code in Iran, Iran Clothing
Shorts are not acceptable.
Wearing ties or bows is not a problem.
T-shirts are acceptable.
Obeying Islamic rules including Hijab or Islamic dress-code is necessary in Iran...
Photography  in Iran
Although the Iranians themselves enjoy taking photo of their families, they are not yet used to the sophisticated photographic equipment that foreign tourists like to deploy, and May well regard some of it as highly suspicious, especially zoom lenses.
Groups of tourists descending from a bus with their cameras at the ready and shooting off in all directions make policeman particularly nervous.
Clothing n Iran
Health care Iran   
Iran has one of the best and cheapest health care systems in the region. Many physicians are America and Europe trained physicians and multi language. medications are extremely cheap and mostly available OTC. But in rural areas the facilities are more basic.

Iranian art
Persian art or Iranian art has one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many disciplines including architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stonemasonry. There is also a very vibrant Iranian modern and contemporary art scene.

Persian Culture
With a long-standing and proud civilization, Persian culture is among the richest in the world. Two and a half millennia of inspiring literature, thousands of poets and writers, magnificent and impressive architecture, live customs dating back to Zoroastrians over 3000 years ago, and other unique characteristics of the nation are rivaled by only a few countries.
Wildlife of Iran
Wildlife of Iran includes its flora and fauna and their natural habitats. One of the most famous members of wildlife in Iran are the world's last surviving, critically endangered Asiatic cheetah also known as the Iranian Cheetah, which are today found nowhere else but in Iran. Iran had lost all its Asiatic Lion and the now extinct Caspian Tigers by the earlier part of the twentieth century.

The World Records in Tourism Attractions
‘The most…’ has been always an enticing description to human beings. This description is the main reason which has made a lot of tourists and travelers put Iran on their itinerary. Being described by “the most” is so attractive that many people are trying to make their country be known by it in various ways. For example, a tower is built at a point in the world to be the tallest tower in the world in order to become renowned as such and attract many tourists

 Top  Roof Restaurant   in Iran
There are novelty restaurants all over the world but what of the Rooftop Restaurant? Dining in the fresh air with nothing but the Sky above you and the skyline of the City around you is an experience many have never even considered. As times become busier, street traffic is increasing, making the street level more dangerous and noisy. What better place to enjoy the succulent culinary treasures of the area? Come with me as we explore this new list in irangazette.

Tea in Iranian Culture

Every morning, in houses all over Iran, a gas burner flickers to life under a kettle that will continue to boil all day. It boils through morning prayers, lunches of rice and kebabs, afternoon conversation and late into the evening meal, sustaining talk of politics, gossip and news well into the night.

Iran: Best Skiing Opportunity in The Middle East
Iran is quite a different country in the region when it comes to the possibilities of skiing in The Middle East! There are lots of huge mountains with high peaks and appropriate slopes for different types of skiing.

History of Skiing in Iran
In regions of the world with regular, annual snowfall and before the existence of plows and streets, people had to come up with a method to easily walk and get around on the snow.

Breakfast in Restaurants and Cafés of Tehran
Most people, who have to wake up early in the morning all through the week to go to work, will most probably prefer to get out of the bed later on Friday mornings [which is the official holiday in Iran]. They may also want to have their breakfast, say, at 11:00 a.m.,

The Red Snake: The Great Wall of Gorgan
 The Great Wall of China is well known as the largest wall in Asia (or indeed the world). Less known is the Wall of Gorgan in northeastern Iran (specifically the plain of Gorgan) attributed to the Sassanian era (224-651 AD). The structure is yet another testament to Sassanian engineering capabilities.

Ta’zieh Performance
Ta’zieh is a traditional Persian theatrical genre in which the drama is conveyed predominantly through music and dramatic narration.

In Persian tradition, Ta’zieh (meaning condolence theater) and Pardeh-khani (dramatic narration that accompanies events depicted on painted curtains), were inspired by religious and historical events, symbolizing epic spirit and resistance.

Muharram & Martyrdom of Imam Husayn
Muharram is the most important Shi’a mourning ceremony and commemorates the death of Imam Husayn. Following the Prophet Mohammad’s death, upheavals and rivalries divided the Muslim community.Husayn, Ali’s second son and the third Shi’ite imam, refused to swear allegiance to Yazid.

Christmas in Iran (Persia)
Christmas in Iran is known as the Little Feast. For the first 25 days of December, a great fast is observed, during which no meat, eggs, milk, or cheese is eaten. It is a time of peace and meditation; a time for attending services at the church. When the fast is over, the feast is begun, for plenty of meat is prepared for the Christmas dinner.

Celebrating Yalda Night
Iranians around the world celebrate Yalda, which is one of the most ancient Persian festivals. The festival dates back to the time when a majority of Persians were followers of Zoroastrianism prior to the advent of Islam.
On Yalda festival, Iranians celebrate the arrival of winter, the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness.
Enjoyable Moments in Tehran with a Cup of History
Tehran cosmopolitan city is home to many museums, parks, restaurants, historic houses and mansions, mosques as well as several churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples. However, modern structures, notably Azadi Tower and the Milad Tower, have come to symbolize the city.
Why do people decorate their homes with antique carpets from Persia?
Antique Persian rugs are a timeless rugs that fill a room with a beautiful combination of old world tradition and style. Many of the major taste makers as well as the biggest names in the field of interior design incorporate them into their projects.

 Taxi In Iran

Getting around the cities in Iran is particularly easy and cheap. You can get a taxi anywhere at any time. Still there are some notices you would better have in mind when you are in Iran.
How to Take a Taxi in Iran
“Darbast?” If you wish the taxi driver take you directly to the destination, do not forget this magic word. Darbast litterally means door-closed. The concept is you want this taxi for yourself and are not willing to share with other people. If you do not specify this, the taxi driver will go on his route and pick up other passengers.

Iran: Civilization's Ancient Trailblazer
Hail Iran, thou land of ancient splendor
Hail Iran, thou realm of golden light
Iran, thou art the mother
And domain of fabled heroes -
Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes -
History's legends, men of might.

 It’s Dangerous’ and other misconceptions about travel to Iran
The concept of travel to Iran is steeped in misconception and confusion. Many long to discover the historical treasures of the ancient civilizations of Persia, yet are deterred by a bias that negatively colours travel to the modern day Islamic republic.

The reality is that travel to Iran is safe, accessible and indescribably thought provoking. Iran may be misunderstood, but it is neither off limits nor dangerous—and despite what you hear about Iran disliking the West, its government’s politics are not representative of its people.

 5 things you should know before going to Iran  
President Obama’s landmark nuclear agreement with Iran may still have a long road ahead, but even so, it’s bringing with it a surge of renewed interest in travel to this alluring, history-rich destination.
If you’re a US citizen and Iran is on your travel shortlist, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go.
AFAR sought the advice of Geographic Expeditions’ Middle East and Africa expert, Linda De La Torre, who offered the following five tips.

 Here is why a trip to Tehran will leave you in wonder
The next one I had ever come to Tehran was when I was nine years old. I was on a PIA flight to the UK and the plane had stopped in the Iranian capital for a couple of hours for an intermediate stop. And the only sight I got from the city was then from the airplane window.

A few months later, the Shah was overthrown and Khomeini came to power in Iran.

 Why Iranian traditional Hotel / House
Iran is one of the oldest countries in the world with over 10,000 years old history.
One of the characteristics of this ancient culture is its architectural features.
This feature of the architecture is clearly visible in the structure of the houses, which was used in order to respect the guests more.
 The Manouchehri House
 A few ideas for exciting tours in Iran

The tourism industry in Iran has very high potential for growth and development.
According to the World Tourism Organization, Iran ranked tenth of the ancient and historical attractions and ranked fifth in the natural attractions of the world.
The special geographic location and cultural and historical features in Iran have led Iran to incorporate various models of the tourism industry.
 A foodie tour of Iran
Travel anywhere in Iran You will find luscious food.Iran is known for its delicious and Varied foods.A lot has been said about traveling to Iran.But not about Iran's food trip Seeing new attractions and places, getting to know each other's ethnicities and customs, buying souvenirs, and at the top of all this, discovering new dishes and tasting them is definitely one of the most beautiful experiences of travel.
Food Tourism industrial in Iran
Food is one of the main characteristics of the societies' culture.
If we consider the tourists' goal "to become familiar with the culture of each region" We need to get help from the regional food well.Traveling with new food flavors is one of the attractions of travel. A bad memory of an undesirable food on the trip can create restrictions on the re-selection of tourism. The most important memory of traveling to a country is the combination of sights and food flavors.
Iranian cuisine a style for all tastes and seasons

It's  told and heard much about Iranian cuisine's style.
Iranian cuisine is one of the most important culinary styles in the world and many countries have influenced by this method.This range covers India and Middle Eastern countries as well as parts of Europe. 
Four suggestions for walking in Tehran
Tehran is a busy and crowded city that most people prefer  the car for fun.But there are people who like to walk, especially in the evening and night.In this crowded city, there are some very interesting places to do this.wher you will find new things.Places with tall trees and walled sidewalks.Parks, gardens and historic palaces are good places to do.