Shiraz Afif-Abad Garden & Museum

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Afif-Abad Garden and Museum
By: A.Fard

Afif-Abad Garden  Museum

Afif-Abad or Golshan Garden has been worked by Mirza Ali Mohammad Khan ghavam al-Mulk. It's a standout amongst the most delightful chronicled patio nurseries of Shiraz which is around 127000 m2. There is a so alluring royal residence enhanced with incredible working, and the stone sections are as the same as Persepolis' style. It's an accumulation of a customary café, a conventional Treasury shower and Military and Ebrat exhibition hall.

This garden is one of delightful and old greenery enclosures of Shiraz that covers a 127000 square meters ground. Its building has an erea of 1700 square meters. This garden was imperative in the Safavid period and was the diversion place of the ruler. The Afif Abad was called Baq-e Golshan (the golshan cultivate) at that time.There is an edefice in this garden with pools and a cellar floor.

Mirza Ali Muhammad Khan Qavam-Ol Mulk Shirazi raised the building of the garden in 1284 AH. This garden was called Afif Abad after a lady, Afife, acquired it.The Afif Abad cultivate has numerous novel structures. The structure, the shower, and the lunch nook are some of this structures. The structures and improvements of the garden are a blend of Achaemenid, Sassanid, Zand, and Qajar designs and styles. This garden turned into a military gallery in 1991. This exhibition hall comprises of two noteworthy parts, the firearm gallery, and the Ebrat (ensample) historical center.


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James W
Somers, New York
“Nice Garden/Museum”

The grounds and building have been restored nicely, definitely worth a visit. The museum is dedicated to military hardware, mostly guns of various types. On the second floor there are several rooms nicely decorated according to the period. This place is a little off the beaten path, but worth stopping by

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