Shiraz Delgosha Garden

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 Delgosha Garden

 Delgosha Garden

By: H.Shams
This historic garden dates back to the Sassanid era. He played a leading role in the reign of the Safavid kings. It is located in the north-east of Shiraz.

Renovated during the Qajar Dynasty, the garden takes on a more beautiful appearance in spring due to its flowering tangerines.
It is in an orange near Boustan Avenue, which leads to the tomb of Sadi. The orange trees are healthy and the central pavilion is good. But a large part of the garden was imperceptibly modernized with concrete pavers and water channels painted blue. Some of the walks are lined with cypresses.
The promenade leads to a residential house, standing in the center of the garden dating from the land and eras Qajar. The building has a veranda supported by two monolithic pillars. Its façade is covered with glazed tiles and plaster moldings, its doors are good examples of inlay work and mirrors, and there are adorable paintings on the wood with patterns of flowers, shrubs, and birds. More




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James W
Somers, New York
“Nice grounds, & old building”

While not as nice as some of the other gardens in Shiraz, it's still worth a visit. I visited in the summer: flowers and grounds were nice, but it must be really pretty when the orange trees are blossoming. The museum has some interesting items. On the third floor there was a radio museum, which was interesting but seemed a little out of place.

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