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Ali minaret (Persian: مناره علی‎) is a historical minaret in Isfahan, Iran. It is close to the Ali mosque. This minaret is the oldest minaret in Isfahan, which dates back to the 11th century. This minaret is 48 meters in height and is the highest historical minaret in Isfahan. It is said that this minaret was originally 50 meters, but its height has been decreased two meters in the course of time.
The beautiful inscription which has decorated the mosque’s portal shows it was rebuilt in 1522. The mosque was named after the first Shiite Imam Ali. It is one of the most important religious buildings in Isfahan. At the corner of mosque’s courtyard there is the Ali Minaret. The minaret was built in early 11th century. It is the highest minaret in Isfahan, about 48 meters high. The minaret’s Shaft shows beautiful geometric designs by brick and at least four Kufic inscriptions.

The Ali Mosque was originally constructed during Seljuik period but the mosque was renovated during Safavid dynasty.


0 #2 Arminii 2015-02-04 12:53
“another religious quarter near Grand Bazaar”
St. Petersburg, Russia
“another religious quarter near Grand Bazaar”
St. Petersburg, Russia

The minaret of Ali mosque is another landmark of the district near the far exit of the Grand Bazaar. It is largely neglected and damaged, and I would rate the mosque itself as average. But it is surrounded by a HOST of other minor religious cites, such as mausolea of saints, etc., which make the whole place interesting and worth
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Peter C
“Second highest in the country”

This 48m minaret is in amazing condition and is worth a short detour from the Friday Mosque. Construction is underway on a new square (similar to Imam Square) between this minaret and the Friday Mosque, so should be filled with shops and attractions in the coming months/year.

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