Shiraz Izadkhvast

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Samanid caravanserai in Izadkhast.

Izadkhvast (Persian: ايزدخواست‎, additionally Romanized as Īzadkhvāst and Īzad Khvast; otherwise called Īzad Khast, Yazd-e Khāst, Yazd-e Khvāst, and Yezd-i-Khast; otherwise called Samīrum) is a city in the Central District of Abadeh County, Fars Province, Iran. At the 2006 evaluation, its populace was 7,366, in 1,803 families.

It is the principal town in Fars Province on the Isfahan-Shiraz Highway.

The Complex of Izadkhast is situated in the Fars Province of Iran, approximately 135 km south of Isfahan. The intricate comprises of Izadkhast Castle, a caravanserai, and a Safavid-period connect. The manor structure is specifically compelling because of the diverse compositional styles fused into the development of the building, including Sassanid and Qajar periods. Without a doubt, the engineering of the mansion is extraordinary to Izadkhast, and just correlations in building materials can be made to different destinations in the area.

This authentic complex has been arranged on a characteristic base alongside extraordinary attributes. The complex contains the manor of Izadkhast, one caravanserai and the Safavid-period connect. The works within the palace have a place with various periods from Sassanids to Qajars. The most essential segment of the complex is the manor that has been based on particular bedrock in a sand development and near the valley of Izadkhast. The bedrock has shielded the château from the outsiders' assaults. A scaffold and an entryway in the most available piece of the complex made it conceivable to interface with the encompassing territories. The littleness of the stone prompted agglomeration of constructed rooms. Henceforth, the littleness of rooms brought about increment of floors.

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