Shiraz Azarakhsh Fire Temple

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 Azarakhsh Fire Temple


The Azarakhsh Fire Temple is situated at the foot of the mountains in Fars area roughly 5 kilometers southeast of Darab city. A few researchers trust that the Azarakhsh Fire Temple was at first a sanctuary of Aryan Mehr admirers and was changed over to flame sanctuary in the Sassanid period. In the lunar year of 652, amid the season of Mohammad Hassan Mobarez, an adjust was added to the Fire Temple, and from that point onwards this structure was changed over into a mosque. Today it is alluded to as the Stone Mosque.

The Fire Temple has a stunning structure with cross molded façade and a hallway around it. It traverses 420 square meters and has been cut into the mountain stones. Some portion of the roof of this structure is open and there is a shallow pool under it. The structure is very nearly a square with its longest side traversing 20 meters in length and the contiguous sides 18 meters each. Outside the Fire Temple a little room is arranged, additionally cut into the mountain, and appears to have been for the watchman of the Fire Temple. Going into this room one plummets three stairs and achieves a room 8 meters in length.

In view of the remaining parts it gives the idea that its development was started via cutting the mountain downwards (like a well) beginning around the range of the open end roof. When sufficiently profound, it was extended evenly in each of the four bearings into its present shape. At the passageway is a little yard and encompassing the principle structure is a colonnade. The passageway is sandwiched in the middle of two sections that are cut in and associated with the divider lodging the passage. A large portion of the roofs are bended like what can be seen in different Iranian structures. There are different engravings on the structure, one of them specifically over the holy place. Because of normal disintegration, the greater part of the engravings are no longer clear.

Near the Azarakhsh Fire Temple a stone plant with novel design was worked inside the mountain. This plant has two gigantic stone heaters which permit water section to the plant.

The Azarakhsh Fire Temple is enlisted as common legacy site number 229. In 2010 a few remodels were being arranged keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard the Azarakhsh Fire Temple with around 200 million rials apportioned to the venture.


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