Shiraz Gor City

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Gor City


Gor City is found 50 kilometers east of Meymand and 6 kilometers north of Firouzabad in Fars region. As Iran's initially round

Gor City

city it's viewed as an old ponder. Truly the City is followed back to the Achaemenid Dynasty. Gor has a measurement of 2 kilometers and is encompassed by block divider and a channel 50 meters over. The City had 4 doors named Hormoz Gate (north), Ardeshir Gate (south), Mehr or Mithra Gate (east) and Bahram Gate (west). The City conatins an internal hover with a measurement of 450 meters which was isolated from whatever is left of the city by a divider. The internal hover was for government structures and homes of the privileged.

At the focal point of the City a structure 30 meters high and winding in configuration existed which is associated that it was for supervision with consuming flames. The city contains various verifiable relics, for example, themes of various Sassanid Princes on the remaining parts of a Castle going back to the season of Ardeshir Babakan. Ardeshir Babakan is portrayed accepting a regal ring from Ahura Mazda. Other territorial chronicled stays in and around the City incorporate a theme of Shapur I (successful over the Roman Emperor Valerian), Dokhtar Castle, Ardeshir Castle and various fire sanctuaries. The City is additionally enhanced with numerous different artistic creations and antiquities going back to the Sassanid period. Indeed, even after roughly 2,000 years, large portions of the works of art of the city have held their unique unfaded hues. As later as 2006 various graves of Sassanid Princes in tub like boxes joined by canvases were found.

Gor City

Gor was picked by Ardeshir Babakan of the Sassanid Dynasty as the capital of their domain. Truth be told, and maybe subsequently, the City is otherwise called Khor

Ardeshir. The round element of the City and further remodels are ascribed to the Parthian Dynasty despite the fact that Ardeshir can be credited for repopulating it. Amid the Sassanid Period, Gor contained one of the biggest libraries of the locale containing numerous uncommon and extremely valuable books. Its significance became because of its key area of being on the trade courses amongst China and India towards and Rome.

The first Gor City was obliterated when Alexander the Great requested the end of a dam and the diverting of the stream of water into the City and at last the City being overwhelmed. . The subsequent lake he made stayed until Ardashir manufactured a passage to deplete it. Taking after the fall of the City and its possible takeover by the Arabs, it was renamed Jor City. The city's significance was restored again in the rule of Azud al Dowleh of the Daylamite line, who utilized the city as his successive habitation. It is right now that the old name of the city had come to mean grave. Azud al Dowleh thought that it was offensive to live in a grave and the city's name was changed to Pirouzabad.


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