Shiraz Suveniers

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Monabat or Marquetry
Monabat or Marquetry is carving on wood. It is very similar to moarraq. The most important pre-requisite substance is wood such as pine, cypress, walnut & betel with religious designs.
some other substances are ivory & bone.
Khatam or Marquetry
Khatam or Marquetry is the art of decorating the surface of wood with delicate pieces of metal, bone and wood precisely cut in geometrical figures and shapes.
Marquetry is one of the finest handicraft artworks of Iran. The materials used in the construction of inlaid articles can be in gold, silver, brass, aluminum and twisted wire.

Wood Work
One of the most intricate styles of woodwoork is moarraq, or marquetry. Initially influenced by artisans from India, a particular Persian style of marquetry developed through the centuries. A number of woods are often used, such as betel, walnut, cypress and pine, with the inlaid pieces made from animal bones, shells, bronze, silver and gold.

Kilims are hand knitted or woven from wool, cotton and silk and Herbal Colors with some differences with carpets. All Kilims can be washed with Tea and Walnut Shell to give them a warmer color with an older and antique look. Kilims have various designs originated from villages and tribes travelling in Shiraz.

Handmade Glass
Glass works are all hand made crafts with a deep root in Iranian ancient culture and art history. With a sign of handy art work, spirit of Herbal colors and the eternity of ancient passion, today they represent one of the finest glassmaking firms in Asia.

Carpets and Rugs
There are six types of rugs in Fars province including: Rural, Khamseh, Qashqa'i Mamasani, Bulvardi & Shirazi rugs.
Qahqa'i people weave a kind of rug (Tork-e Shirazi) which is called Mak-eye Shirazi is Western (foreign) Markets.
These Persian rugs have the common Orange desgins with dark colors such as: dark blue & dark red.



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