Shiraz Top 10 Places To Visit

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Persepolis 1 of 10 attractions in Shiraz
Persepolis literal meaning "city of Persians", was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550–330 BC). Persepolis is situated 70 km northeast of city of Shiraz in the Fars Province in Iran. The earliest remains of Persepolis date from around 515 BC. It exemplifies the Achaemenid style of architecture. UNESCO declared the citadel of Persepolis a World Heritage Site in 1979.

Shah Cheragh  2 of 10 attractions in Shiraz

Also known as the Shrine of the lord of the light.
The remains of Sayyed Mir Ahmad (a brother of Imam Reza) who died in Shiraz in AD835 are houses at this famous Mausoleum.
A mausoleum was first erected over the grave in the mid 14th century and it has been an important Shiite place of pilgrimage ever since.

Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum
The tomb of Hafez is located Shiraz and was built in the age of Pahlavi I (20 century). Hafez Shirazi, one of the most famous poets of Iran and the world, had been living in 8 H / 14 AD century. Tomb of Hafez

Nasirol Molk Mosque   4 of 10 attractions in Shiraz
This mosque is situated at the end of the Lotfali Khan-e-Zand Street. Nasirol Molk who was one of the elite of Shiraz, is the founder of this mosque. This mosque is unique for its tile work and architecture. The construction work of mosque began in 1293 AH. and was finally terminated in 1305 AH., by Mohammad Hassan Me'mar and Mohammad Reza Kashi Paz Shirazi .

 Nasir - ol - Molk l Mosque Winter Prayer Hall
Eram Garden  5 of 10 attractions in Shiraz
With its beautiful flowers and decorative plants as well as its amazing edifice, it is now also known as the Botanical Garden of Shiraz University, and is in the heart of the city of Shiraz .
Eram Garden
Hamam e Vakil  6 of 10 attractions in Shiraz
Vakil Bathroom is situated the west of Vakil mosque in Shiraz. This bathroom belongs to Zandiyeh period (18 AD century). This bathroom enjoys from the most advanced architectural techniques of its time.
Koorush Kabir (Cyrus) Tomb  7 of 10 attractions in Shiraz
On the Shiraz - Esfahan Road and in the Morqab plains, this rectangular monument is built on a six-storey platform. On the top floor, which is 3 m. high, there are two tombs, one belonging to Koorush, and the other to his wife Kassandan mother of Kamboujieh. These two graves are interconnected by a meter long and 35 cm. wide corridor.
Tomb of Cyrus
Delgosha Garden   8 of 10 attractions in Shiraz
Situated near the Sa'di Tomb in Shiraz, this garden dates back to the pre-Islamic period and the time of Sassanians. With an area of 7.5 ha, it is a major attraction of Shiraz.
 Delgosha Garden
The Tomb of Saadi   9 of 10 attractions in Shiraz
Saadi's resting place is situated the northeast of Shiraz. It's building which is extracted from chehel sotoon of Isfahan, was finished in 1953. Saadi is one of the most famous poets of 7H / 13AD century.
The Golshan garden, also known as Afif Abad Garden has a beautiful building that was converted to a museum in 1988. This museum has a collection of military artifacts in the ground floor and on first floor there are beautiful reception halls and rooms decorated with paintings, which are worth seeing. Afif-Abad Garden  Museum



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