Shiraz Shirazi Faloodeh

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Shirazi Faloode
Shirazi Faloode

Faloodeh, originally Paloodeh or Pālūde (Persian: پالوده‎) is an Iranian cold dessert consisting thin vermicelli noodles made from corn starch mixed in a semi-frozen syrup made from sugar and rose water. It is often served with lime juice and sometimes ground pistachios. It is a traditional dessert in Iran. Paloodeh is originally from Shiraz and in Iran it is especially famous as Shirazi Faloodeh.
Paludeh is one of the earliest forms of cold desserts, existing as early as 400 BCE.
The name originally means smoothy (filtered). In Iran paludeh (faludeh) is sold in ice cream stores (bastani) and in shops which specialize in preparing this dessert.
A thin rice batter is pressed through a sieve which further produces delicate strings. These strings look like grated coconut. Cold milk with blended almonds and pistachios, and then cooled.
Bastani (Persian: بستنی سنتی زعفرانی‎), also known as Bastani-e Za'farāni, Bastani-e Akbar-Mashti Bastani Za'farāni, Bastani-e Akbar-Mashti, Gol-o Bolbolor Gol-o Bolbol is a Persian ice cream made with milk, eggs, sugar, rose water, saffron, vanilla, and pistachio.  Salep is also sometimes included as an ingredient. Bastani often contains flakes of frozen clotted cream.
The milk is stirred until it is flocculated
Aab-e Havij, alternately called havij bastani, is carrot juice made into an ice cream float garnished with cinnamon, nutmeg or other spices.

Bastani-e Za'farāni
Bastani-e Za'farāni

In the Persian Empire, people would pour syrups over snow called “fruit ice” (sorbet). the Greek Alexander the Great, who battled the Persians for 10 years, enjoyed fruit “ices” sweetened with honey and chilled with snow. In 400 BC, the Persians went further and invented a special chilled food, made of rose water and vermicelli, which was served during summers and is considred as origin of the Iranian cold dessert, Faloodeh




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