Yazd Handicrafts and Suveniers

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Handicrafts and Suvenier

Handicrafts is both art and industry, which is made by hand or rudimentary tools, exploiting native raw materials, indicating taste and mental creativity of their makers. The most important handicrafts of the Yazd province are rug, small carpets, Kilim (short-napped coarse carpet), velvet, brocade, Chador Shab, handkerchief, mercerized, Jim weaving (manual cotton cloth weaving), Damask (woven of silk thread), Ejrami (a hand-woven cloth), Dandani or Gol-e Khord (Zoroastrians' material cloth), Kashmir, curtain, Zilou {pile-less carpet), carpet sheet, canvas, bundle, lion-cloth, bathing-flannel glove, saddle-bag, blanket, earthenware, ceramic, mat, tile and Giveh (light cotton summer shoes).
Rug weaving, Kashmir weaving, Zilou weaving, pottery, ceramics and tile making are enjoying special importance among the handicrafts. Confectionery has also a long background in Yazd. Sweets of Yazd are various and famous for their pleasant taste, such as Baghlava (pastry usually cut out in lozenges), Ghottab (a kind of candy), Loz’e Nargil {lozenge shaped confectionery made of coconut), Laz-e Bidmeshk {Egyptian willow or almond), Laz-e Pesteh (pistachio), Pashmak {cotton candy), Nan-Berenji (a kind of rice candy) and Hajji-Badam (confectionary containing shelled almond). Confectioners of Yazd are called “Khalifeh.” These artistic Khalifehs have kept alive a tradition of baking delicious cakes and candies for over 70 years.
Zilu weaving dates back to the Pre-Islamic period, production of ceramic, belongs to 6th or 7th century B.C. and tile making, with 700 years background, are specifically for Meybod.
Some of Yazd’s handicrafts are world-famous including, carpets with charming patterns, pileless carpets, tirma (a kind of cashmere brocaded silk, velvet, blankets, bed-cloths, earthenware, engravings, glassware and leatherwear. Being delicate and beautiful, these handicrafts are suitable to be kept as souvenirs.





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