Yazd Ash-e Shooli ( Shooli Soup )

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Ash-e Shooli ( Shooli Soup ) Ash-e Shooli

This soup is cooked by Yazdis and very common among them.  No one knows where the word ‘shooli’ comes from, but everyone knows its taste.
Shooli is a delicious and simple soup, and its seasoning is vinegar, but it can be replaced with pomegranate paste, or any other sour liquid.

Half a kg green leaves (spinach, parsley, leek and fenugreek)
2 big beetroots
3 onions
Dry mint leaves – 2 spoon full
Flour – one and a half measure
Lentil – one measure
Oil – enough to fry the onion
Salt, turmeric and pepper

cut the half boiled beetroots into slices and cook with lentil and chopped green leaves.  Fry onions and add dry mint leaves, turmeric to it.  Mix the flour in some water and dilute it.  Add 4 glasses of boiled water to the soup + the diluted flour and keep stirring so that the flour does not clot.  Mix the soup and add salt and pepper.  At the end add the fried onion and vinegar to the soup.  Shooli is ready.  Those who like sour taste in food will enjoy this soup.

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