Yazd Handicrafts

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Yazd Handicrafts and Suveniers Brifly
Handicrafts is both art and industry, which is made by hand or rudimentary tools, exploiting native raw materials, indicating taste and mental creativity of their makers. The most important handicrafts of the Yazd province are rug, small carpets, Kilim (short-napped coarse carpet), velvet, brocade,...
Yazd is a premier Daraie-weaving center in Iran, which is a kind of soft silk fabric with gorgeous-colored diamond shapes on it. The warps are always dyed before weaving.
Gelim ( Kilim )
Yazd's handicrafts such as rug, small carpets, Kilim, Termeh (a gorgeous hand-made silk tapestry), pottery, earthenware and ceramic are also famous. In order to find them all you need to call on bazaar.
The Yazd rugs have asymmetrical ( Persian ) knots with three wefts. The number of knots in square inch is much lower than Isfahan rugs and Nain rugs, but the pile is softer and longer. Crafts Kilim
Pottery and Ceramics
Pottery, the oldest handmade artwork, has a 6,000-year-old history in Iran. Local people call the earthenware ‘Kevareh’, which is made of clay. The earthenware is world famous for its designs, especially “fish”, “the lady sun” and “the hen”. Meybod is a prominent pottery-producing center in Yazd province. Crafts Ceramics
Termeh is one of the oldest traditional arts in Iran, this handicraft was woven as handmade. Today silk Termeh with different colors is finding in Yazd Province (Historical city and second ancient city by ranking of UNESCO), in this regard Termeh weaving is the oldest art works. Handi Crafts Termeh
Carpet weaving
Carpet weaving is Yazd’s principal handicraft. In 1996, there were 65000 carpets weaving looms at work across the province and some 30,000 weavers were engaged in this old artistic and economic activity.

Zilu weaving
Zilu is a kind of light hand-woven carpet, the weaving of which provides hundreds of families their livelihood. The provincial Zilu-weaving center is Meibod, in which the craft has been traced to ancient era.

Giveh weaving
Giveh is a light and very easy-to-wear kind of local shoes, in which a special material, woven by rural women, is used instead of leather. A giveh’s sole, of course, is made of a very durable material.

Metal forgery
Yazd’s old blacksmiths still continue to make gadgets such as scales, sugar cube cutters, knives, chains, pincers and locks by using simple tools such as a hand-blower, a nipper, and a hammer. Mehriz, Aqda,Nadoushan, Sakhvid, Ardakan and Khezrabad are centers of traditional ironworks.

Tile Making
This craft has a 700 years history behind it in Yazd province. The artists at first decide on the shape and size of the tiles and then proceed with drawing (upon them) and enameling before baking the tiles.



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