Yazd Top 10 Restaurants

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Talaryazd Restaurant   1 of 10 Restaurants in Yazd
You can name it best restaurant in Yazd for eating Persian cousin.The food is very good quality, especially the lamb kebab. Price is decent and not expensive at all by western standard.
Moshir ol Mammolek Hotel / Restaurant  2 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
One of the best traditional hotels in Yazd city and it is one of the old garden of yazd city. Very charming yard , Polite and helpful staff. Very good restaurant with delicious foods and warm atmosphere and proper prices.
Caesar Restaurant 3 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
Frighteningly fashionable Caesar is where cashed-up locals head for special occasions. If you can cope with saccharine versions of ‘Yesterday’ and other ballads being crooned by the pianist, the decent attempts at classic Italian dishes should make you happy. Choose from pizzas, pastas, soup, steak and good salads, and be sure to order a delicious fresh lemonade.
Khan Tea House (Hamame Kan)  4 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
Deep in the heart of the old city, this restored underground hammam is one of the original historic restorations in Yazd and deserves its ongoing popularity. The interior is all tranquil pools, arched ceilings and fine tilework, and the food is delicious (as long as it’s not too busy).
Malek-o Tojjar HOTEL / Restaurant  5 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
The evocative surrounds and classic Iranian dishes are complemented with several regional variations, including kufteh Yazdi (Yazdi meatballs).
The teahouse, with a little fountain in the courtyard, is truly delightful, while the adjoining restaurant is less charming - possibly because it's quite large and crowded.
Marco Polo Restaurant   6 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
Set like a crown atop the Orient Hotel, this glass-sided restaurant serves up sumptuous views of the Masjed-e Jameh and surrounding blue-tiled domes and delicious Iranian food that’s fit for the setting. Ideal for a romantic dinner.
Pizza Gole Sorkh 7 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
After working for almost 30 years as a pizza chef in Australia, the owner returned home to open a modern, busy restaurant serving good (but very garlicky) pizzas and range of pastas. His serve of Aussie slang is pretty good, too.
Mozafar Traditional Hotel & Restaurant  8 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
Mozafar Traditional Restaurant provide all kind of Traditional and International dishes round the clock .
Hotel coffee shop provides you with all kinds of cold and hot drinks . its drinks are carefully made to give our customers a smooth, flavorful taste sensation.
Baharestan Restaurant  9 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
Forget atmosphere and style – the Baharestan is about tasty staples at tasty prices; the khoresht is best.
Hammam Restaurant  10 of 10 restaurants in Yazd
Set in an old bath house, this tradtional Iranian restaurant is probably the best in Yazd. It has a domed ceiling and there is a small pool and fountain inside
It has a relaxed atmosphere and our small group sat around a long table and had a good time.


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