Yazd Shar-bafi (light decorated cloth weaving)

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Shar-bafi (light decorated cloth weaving)

The products of this material-weaving industry are multifarious. Shar weavers use a wooden loom, whose size varies proportionately with the dimensions of final material. At first, it is said, housewives began the industry and maybe it was them who invented the loom. Later, however, men developed an interest in this light home-based industry and gradually, shar-baf workshops were established. The clicking sound of the looms of these workshops had filled the air of many of Yazd’s winding alleys, yet.
Shar loom is made of two rolls, a number of pedals, a combing device and some small and larger shafts. With such simple looms, the talented people of Yazd produce very beautifully designed materials like Terma, Velvet, a special handkercheif, bed-covers, prayer mats and blankets.

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