Yazd Earthenware and Ceramics

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Earthenware and Ceramics

Pottery is among the oldest and, perhaps, the first earth-related art of man. It dates back to over 6000 years B.C. in Iran, and Meibod has since been the center of pottery in Yazd province. Earthenware are termed “Kevareh” in local dialect. A large part of the Meibod earthenware are used inside the province and a part of it is exported to domestic and foreign markets. Meibod’s original designs of earthenware and ceramic known as “bird and fish” and “Khorshid Khanom” (or the sun lady) are quite famous. Meibod’s pottery and ceramics are categorized in three types: Simple non-enameled earthenware, Enameled ware, and tile and ceramic.

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