Kerman Bagh-e Harandi

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Bagh-e Harandi
The founder of this structure and garden was the late Adl-ol-Sultan, belongs to recent centuries. The premises has historical value in that Reza Khan stopped there for a while, during his last journey on the way to exile.
Hidden behind high walls just off the main Beheshti strip, the mansion in this peaceful garden was once the Kerman governor’s residence and now houses the small but well explained Archaeology Museum and Traditional Musical Instruments Museum . Built in 1911, the building was later bought by progressive businessman Abol Ghasem Harandi, who brought electricity to Kerman. On his death Harandi bequeathed the garden to the city. The upstairs Archaeology Museum displays clay, glass and metal artefacts found near Jiroft and Shahdad, while downstairs is an impressive array of musical




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