Kerman Moshtaqiyeh Dome

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Moshtaqiyeh Dome

Moshtaqiyeh comprises three domes which contain tombs of Moshtaq Alishah, Sheikh Esmaeil, and Kowsar Alishah who were among major Sufis of their time. The site was constructed after 1202 AH where Mirza Hossein Khan Rayeni, who once ruled in Kerman, is also buried. After Moshtaq Alishah was killed in Ramadan, 1206 AH, at the entrance of the Grand Mosque of Kerman, he and his close friend, Dervish Jafar, were buried in this pace, which was called Moshtaqiyeh from that time. The building is located at a square which carried the same name and the Grand Mosque of Kerman is located to its west. The treed courtyard of Moshtaqiyeh has added to its beauty.




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