Iran Learning Persian in Travel

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 Learning Persian in Travel

 Learning Persian in Travel

How about learning some Persian greetings before traveling to Iran? Whether you want to get a taxi, pay for your dinner or talk to the local people and interact with Iranians, you will need to know some Persian. For sure you will meet lots of Iranians who come to you to have a chat and maybe even hang out together. Remember, Modern Persian and Farsi are the same language.
The fact is that learning Persian is not quite as easy for many people since the grammar structure is different to what they know and what they have been taught. Most of the Persian/Farsi alphabet is similar to the Arabic alphabet and there are lots of similar words in both languages. However, these two languages, are totally different due to the different grammar structure.

Persian Language
There are a couple of Persian phrases you might need while traveling to Iran and talking to Iranians. Here is list of common, survival and useful Persian greetings and phrases written in English and Persian. The pronunciation is also included. Most of the sentences below are used for the everyday conversations, so they might come handy if you memorize them.

Persian Calligraphy
Farsi is written from right to left; Both words & numbers. Its alphabet consists of 32 letters which some of them have a similar sound. Short vowels are not written in Farsi. Each alphabet letter has two forms : Capital & Small.
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  English Farsi     English Farsi


    I man
  No na     You (singular, familiar) to
  Thank you mot’sha’keram   /  merci     You (singular, formal) shoma
  Thank you very much khei’li mot-sha’keram     He / She ou
  Please lotfan     It oon
  Excuse me bebakh’shid     We ma
  Hello salam     You (plural) shoma
  Good bye khoda’hafez     They ishan
  See you be’omide’didar        
  Good morning sobh be’kheir     What is Your name? esme shoma chist?
  Good day rooz be’kheir     My name is … . esme man … ast.
  Good evening asr be’kheir     Nice to meet you. khosh’vagh’tam.
  Good night shab be’kheir     How are you? hal’e shoma che’tor’e?
          Good khoob
  I don’t understand man ne’mi’fahmam     Bad bad
  I don’t know Farsi man farsi balad nis’tam        
  I know English man ingilisi mi’doo’nam     Wife zan / khanoom
  Do you speak English? Shoma ingilisi mi-doo’nid?     Husband shohar
  French faransavi     spouse hamsar
  Spanish espanioli     son / boy pesar
  German almani     daughter / girl dokhtar
  Japanese japoni     mother madar
  Turkish turki     father pedar
          friend doost
  Why? chera?     sister khahar
  What? chi?     brother baradar
  Where? koja?     Mr. / Man agha
  When? kay?     Mrs. / Ms. / Lady khanoom
  How? chetor?        
  English Farsi         English Farsi English Farsi
  Zero (0) sefr             one hundred (100) sad
  One (1) yek         Twenty (20) bist two hundreds (200) devist
  Two (2) dow         Thirty (30) see three hundrads (300) si-sad
  Three (3) se         Forty (40) chehel four hundreds (400) chahar-sad
  Four (4) chahar         Fifty (50) panjah five hundreds (500) pan-sad
  Five (5) panj         Sixty (60) shast six hundreds (600) shish-sad
  Six (6) shesh         Seventy (70) haftad seven hundreds (700) haft-sad
  Seven (7) haft         Eighty (80) hashtad eight hundreds (800) hasht-sad
  Eight (8) hasht         Ninety (90) navad nine hundreds (900) noh-sad
  Nine (9) noh                
              Thousand (1000) hezar Million (1,000,000) Milion

Other Farsi numbers can be made using the above numbers in the same way that English numbers are made.

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