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Angela Corrias of Chasing the Unexpected
Travel to Iran a new experience
Angela, globetrotter behind the fantastic Chasing the Unexpected, is going to share her own very unique insight into this lesser-known travel destination while throwing in some top class photography from her wider travels. We’re really looking forward to this one, we hope you are too!

An American in Tehran
I traveled to Iran in 2008 as a curious American who wanted to know about the reality of Iranian society and culture away from negativity that mainstream media tries to enforce into the mind of viewers.
Amalia Arriving in Tehran
I am finally here, in Iran. Today, 17th of December 2011, marks the start of my Middle East trip. The trip that I have always been waiting for. One dream can soon be checked off the list.


Time for travelers to return?
    Travel to member of former "axis of evil" may increase with election of new president
    Biggest surprise of Iran travel is people's overwhelming friendliness
    Most obstacles to a visit arise beforehand -- visas can be slow
    Architectural and historic sights rank with Istanbul

Iran trip report - 7 days in Iran
Just returned from a 7 day visit to Iran and I say it is an amazing country with many beautiful places and so much hospitality where I experienced unforgettable moments. As I arrived in IKA, I was warmly received by...

 Wonderfully amazing trip I had to Iran
This is just a stream of consciousness reflection of the truly, absolutely, totally, incredibly, wonderfully amazing trip I had to Iran in November 2012.

2 Weeks In Iran: So Far Away From The Clichés!
We spent two weeks in Iran in April 2014, and covered the cultural heartland of Iran: Shiraz, Isfahan, Na’In, Yazd, Kashan, Qom & last but not least Teheran. Due to the lack of time, we did not travel the north of the country, nor did we go to the deserts.

My Trip to Iran
I was lucky enough to travel with my wife and 3 young children to Iran a couple months ago. The trip was a homecoming of sorts for my wife, who hadn’t been back to Iran

 putnik 3 week in Iran
Hi, if you are interested, here is a brief report on our wonderful 3-week trip around Iran.
I tried to be very brief and specific. I also separated categories, so that people can find what interests them and avoid what they do not want to read about.

My one week trip to Iran
Maybe it’s me, or maybe I just have a weak spot for Iran, but no other destination in the world touches my soul that deeply. I believe a spell was cast on me when I first visited in

14 day live trip
To whomever is interested in traveling to Iran,
Iran. What a fascinating country, if you are the person that believes everything that the western media says , you'd be surprised of how beautiful and fascinating Iran is.

How to travel by train from London or Paris to Tehran & Iran . . .
If you can get a visa, it's relatively straightforward to travel from London to Iran overland by train, using the weekly 'Trans-Asia Express' from Ankara to Tehran.  First, you need to reach Istanbul.  See the London to Turkey page for train times, fares and how to book.

American citizens and tour in Iran
American citizens can receive a tourist visa for Iran only if they are on an organized tour. Fortunately, for those of us who do not care to be in a tour group, the tour can be a tour for two or even one, as long as it is guided and with a recognized tour agency.

Olaf Marzocchi a photographer in Iran
People are very friendly and they will welcome you to their country/city if they notice you are a foreigner.
The trip was very cheap, about 1100 Euro for two weeks including flights, and brought 1100 photos A full 32 GB SD card.

 Traveling to Iran as Americans: All You Need to Know
Traveling to Iran as an American citizen may sound complicated and dangerous. It’s not. We’re here to dispel the myths and answer the questions piling up in our inbox based on our visit to Iran just a few weeks ago.

Iran's many fabled sights
Chang Theng Hwee, 50, is managing director of Country Holidays travel agency
This is the heart of the ancient as well as mediaeval Persian civilisation, which ranks with the Chinese, Indian and Turkish civilisations as one of the most sophisticated of its time.

surprised us most during our recent 25-day journey
For most Americans, visiting Iran doesn’t make it onto their vacation radar. Yet for me and my wife, Harriet, experiencing the wonders of ancient Persia has topped our bucket list for quite some time.


 Iran in the eyes of an American traveler

Monica Byrne described Iran
Monica Byrne, the US novelist and playwright, gives a first-hand account of her experience in Iran.
The simple, still very beautiful and emotion-filled, wording of this American novelist and playwright was good-enough reason for IFP to surf the net for the original piece.

 “14 day live trip”
To whomever is interested in traveling to Iran,
Iran. What a fascinating country, if you are the person that believes everything that the western media says , you'd be surprised of how beautiful and fascinating Iran is.

 Backpacking Iran: All you need to know 
Who is not dreaming of a trip to Iran, the booming destination that attracts more and more visitors with natural wonders, blue-tiled mosques and wild bazars? In this guide you find everything you need to know for backpacking Iran and participants of a round trip alike. Travel Itinerary.Backpacking Iran9.jpg
Bandar Abbas, Iran - Maiden Call for Crystal Cruises
IRAN! Just the word raises eyebrows (to many...concern) in any circle of discussion world-wide and has been the center of political discussion for the last few years. A visit to this country definitely requires a complete and total open mind for one to draw his or her own conclusions.

In Iran, and loving it
"Shuma Hindu hasthi, Shuma Hindu hasthi? (Are you Hindu?)" shriek two young girls from a distance. This first question thrown at me as soon as I land at the Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran leaves me completely baffled. Why on earth do they want to know my religion?
Warm welcome in Iran
Language, religion and dress no barriers to connecting with friendly people. Surrounded by several Iranians, answering questions as they recorded my words, I should have felt intimidated. "You speak very good English," one of them ventured, to my surprise.

Tourists will find a friendly welcome in Iran
FOR THAIS who visit Iran for the first time, their perception about this country should change drastically. With its long-running disputes with the US and the resulting sanctions by the Western superpower, one might presume that the Iranian people would, in general, be in distress and would be unfriendly to foreigners. welcom1.jpg
8-day Iran tour delighted Y. student
A 4 a.m. phone call rousted well-traveled Brigham Young University student Anthon Jackson from bed. The substance of the call made it impossible to go back to sleep.
Iran had granted him a visa to cover a government-sponsored tourism conference for his brother's online travel magazine,, dubbed "The Extreme Traveler's Handbook."

 A trip to Tehran  
A DW reporter has spent a week in Iran and released a report on what he saw among people in the Iranian capital.
Now that an agreement has been reached on Iran’s nuclear program, economic sanctions against the country should be lifted soon. This could give tourism a new boost. DW’s Dan Hischfeld shares his experience in Tehran.
 Trip to Iran
 Linda de la Torre, GeoEx Director for Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East
Safer than We are Led to Believe
Linda de la Torre, GeoEx Director for Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East, just returned from a scouting trip in Iran with stories of hospitality and surprises. She also commented: “As Americans traveling in Iran, safety is on our minds from the minute we begin planning the trip. I was pleased to see the openness of the culture and was able to enjoy absolutely everything without worrying.”
 Why travel to Iran | 8 Things I loved the most 
Iran is definately not how the world perceives it to be.  I know this, because I recently travelled here for three weeks, against the concerns of friends and family.  Everyone asked me the same question, ‘why would I ever want to go to Iran’.  The media doesn’t paint a positive picture of this country, as the dominating headlines are of war, terrorism, and restrictions.

 Masouleh – A Rooftop Village in Iran 
They say that Iran is a surprising destination.  After having travelled through South and Central Iran over the past 3 weeks we were convinced by our new Iranian friends to tweak our travels plans and venture up to the North to see a traditional village, Masouleh.

We were happy to leave behind the noisy streets, polluted air and chaotic traffic of our overnight stay in Tehran to travel about 5 hours into a city called Rasht.


 Is Iran Safe? The Traveler’s Guide To This Often Misunderstood Country
Think you can’t travel to Iran? Think again. Jessie on a Journey caught up with intrepid traveler Shara Johnson, editor of SKJ Travel, who recently returned from a trip through the country. For those interested in going themselves — or just curious about what the experience is actually like and want an answer to the question, ” Is Iran Safe ?” — Shara provides stories, essential tips and safety information for traveling through Iran based on her own experience.



 Iran: A crossroads nation full of history, beautiful scenery
Iran? That was the first reaction of just about everyone who heard I was planning my April 2013 vacation to that country.

Reactions ranged from "You're crazy!" to "You're doing this for a vacation?"


British backpacker: Iran is the easiest country in the world to travel in, a misunderstood country, world’s most polite people
Iran is the easiest country in the world to hitchhike in
Will Hatton, from Brighton, travelled to Iran in January for the first time

A foodie tour of Iran: it's poetry on a plate
Food is a wonderful vehicle for the discovery of Iran, with its fabulous regional products with stews, rice dishes, kebabs and desserts.
Imagine a verdant, landscape filled with rice paddies, tea plantations and olive groves. A country where you can hike up in the afternoon. A country filled with golden apricots, that taste like honey, peaches so succulent you.

Poets and pistachios: A journey to the heart of Iran
The old man held a breath under a walnut tree. A part-time philosopher, he was called Rahmatollah ("offer of the gods"). He had wobbly knees and clutched a walking stick, but his mind showed no signs of slowing.He sat in the shadow and quoted the Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi from the 13th century and survived for over 80 years in the sleepy mountain village of Abyaneh, 210 miles south of the capital Tehran.

Travel Guide to ... Iran
By: Virginia Maxwell
English Airways relaunches flights to Tehran today, four years after the last direct administration from the UK took off, and around a year after the UK international safe haven revived its entryways in the Iranian capital. Both moves are beating a more open way to this dubious nation for inquisitive explorers, taking after a defrosting of cold relations amongst Iran and other world forces because of a milestone atomic arrangement.

American tourists in Tehran

What are tourists writting after traveling to Iran?
Reading travelers' travel logbooks is always a great opportunity to better understand the cultural and historical features of Iran.
"Iranophobia" and "Islamophobia" are not a new milestone for the world's mediaMedia that are always trying to understand the people of the world Iran is a scary place.With all of this, there are always people who are still choosing to travel Iran.

Americans Comment on Iran / Travel to an unknown country

Iran country is full of spectacular attractions that strikes many eyes from around the world.
The history, architecture, culture, nature and other Features of Iran have led tourists from many other countries to come Iran.
The media in the world do their best to provide a very different picture of the reality of Iran.

10 Advantages of traveling to Iran ( Americans' point of view )
A US news agency wrote in a report outlining the 10 advantages of traveling to Iran.These days are beginning of an endless period of foreign tourists flooding into Iran.
You may be thinking of choosing a unique and interesting tourist destination.In this report, we provide 10 reasons why you should overcome your hesitation and travel to Iran as soon as possible:

Tourists will find a friendly welcome in Iran

Traveling to Iran from the perspective of an American woman tourist
Silvia Lawrence is An American woman traveler who traveled to Iran in 2014.After returning from the trip, she received many emails from her fans sharing her memories.He describes the most important and most practical points that every tourist must follow in his trip to Iran.This American female tourist is keen on introducing himself as a Norwegian because of his interest in Norway and his beauty.

My memories of traveling to Iran as an American

American tourist: Iran embraces visitor with warm welcome, many speak English, love talking and posing photos with Americans.
I'm Philadelphia Inquirer, and I've had a trip to Iran.I studied for many years about Iran's rich history and I was eager to see its wonders.But when I told my friends that I was planning to travel to Iran,They told me, You are crazy! Because they believed that Iran was not safe and its people were hostile to Americans.But that was not true.

One day tour in Tehran
Iran, the country of the four seasons of the Middle East, is so amusing with its magical beauty that attracts every tourist.They consider Iran as a mystery country Which should discover all part of it. pearl yan is one of the people who did not pay attention to negative propaganda against Iran and failed to resist his curiosity.









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