Kashan Abbāsi House

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Abbāsi House


Abbasian House

 Khane-ye Abbasian
Despite its apparent similarity to other mansions, the Abbasian House is strikingly individual. The family patriarch, instead of adding rooms to his Own house as dwellings for his adult children, created an entire complex of six buildings. The number of rooms and spaces in this complex is overwhelming, and their arrangement is unmatched. Its multiple courtyards on various elevations are distributed over an intricate plan.
To increase the feeling of spaciousness and area, the courtyards of the upper floors were made larger than those below. This gradual increase in size from the lowest to the upper levels of the building terminates in a spacious courtyard on top, in front of the richlyornamented reception halls and along the southwest and northeast wings of the house. High porticos and rows of rooms surrounding the courtyard are mirrored in the still water if its handsome pool.

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0 #1 Chris S 2015-02-04 12:43
“Great historical house”
Chris S
Great house in the middle of the city a couple of blocks away from kashans house. However be careful, kashan is a more traditional city compared to other towns in Iran. You are not allowed to go in the main yard.

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