Kashan Amin-al-Dawla

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Caravansary of Amin-al-Dawla (Kārvānsarā va Timča-ye Amin-al-Dawla)

Another notable monument in Kashan is Timča-ye Amin-al-Dawla, a marketplace in a caravansary built in 1868 by Amin-al-Dawla Farroḵ Khan Ḡaffāri (Figure 5). It is a beautifully built structure of three levels covered by a two-layer, high ceiling adorned with stalactite decoration in brick and tile. It is located at the crossroads section (čahār-sū, čār-sū) of the Miānčāl Bazaar and is accessed from the main bazaar through two large wooden doors, one connecting the cruciform section to a small octagonal yard and the other connecting to a large rectangular area

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