Kashan Madrasa-ye Solṭāni

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Solṭāni Seminary (Madrasa-ye Solṭāni)

Solṭāni Seminary (Madrasa-ye Solṭāni)

The largest seminary in Kashan, it was built in eight years by order of Fatḥ- ʿAli Shah Qājār in the years 1221-29. The architect, whose name is inscribed on the southern wall under the brick dome, was Moḥammad- Šafiʿ. It is located next to the main bazaar, with direct access to its center through its own main entrance. The portal is decorated with glazed tiles and leads to the interior of the school by means of a vestibule and two corridors that end on the two sides of a balcony. The chamber for calling to prayer stands on the top of the portal. The large courtyard, with an octogonal pool in the middle, lies in the center in a north-south direction with the entrance/portal section to the east of it and the veranda, the dome, and the prayer niche to its west. Fifty-two chambers and two sizeable halls earmarked for holding classes and the gathering of seminary students surround the courtyard. The dome, made with two-layer brick work, covers the area used for prayer. Two other prayer areas flank the dome space to the south and the north. At its end is the prayer niche, which is adorned with stalactite decorative work (moqarnas), plaster inscriptions, and multi-colored, glazed tiles. There is also a water reservoir that can be reached by a forty-step staircase   

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