Nain Narin Qal'eh or Narin Castle

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Narin Qal'eh or Narin Castle


Narin Qal'eh or Narin Castle

The Narin Fortress is the most ancient structure in Nain. Although badly ruined, it still makes a brave show, particuarly when seen from afar. This fortress is the only remains of the immense complex of the Nain fortifications known as Kohan-Dezh ("the Old Citadel"), of which it was the most important part. It served as a place of governor's residence, military headquarters, a: governmental center. The other parts of the town stretched beyond the walls of the Nari n Fortress, but were enclosed within a city wall. The fortress was built of mud-brick, and consisted of a rampart with corner watchtowers and a moat that was filled in later periods. During the Sasanid rule, the fortress housed a fire temple. During the Islamic period, it perhaps served as a warehouse used by the military or merchants to replenish their stocks before long trips through the desert to Yazd and Kerman.


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