about iran Why do people decorate their homes with antique carpets from Persia

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Why do people decorate their homes with antique carpets from Persia?

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Antique Persian rugs are a timeless rugs that fill a room with a beautiful combination of old world tradition and style. Many of the major taste makers as well as the biggest names in the field of interior design incorporate them into their projects. The rugs are a unique manifestation of the rich Persian culture and art which date back hundreds of years to as far back as the Bronze Age.

The older Persian rugs will mainly feature abstract pictures of geometric and / or floral shapes. This is mainly a result of the fact that many of the Persian people are Muslim and Islam does not allow living beings to be duplicated through imagery and art. But what may seem like random shapes and abstract designs, are, for the most part, anything but! The patterns and designs have been passed on from one generation to another and many of these motifs have pretty profound meanings (such as lucky charms, wishes and messages).

The buying of an antique Persian rug offers more than just a pretty decorative piece for the home. The better and more rare examples, offer great investment potential which usually grows as the rugs age. Buying an antique Persian rug will make you an owner of a valuable, priceless and timeless piece of textile art. Needless to say, the rugs add a classy and an exquisite touch to any project.

If a person wants to decorate the interior of their home or workplace, these rugs should be placed high on the list of items to get. They serve their purpose exactly the way you expect while enhancing the overall room décor. They are a prized possession that will always be cherished.




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