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Madrese Sadri-Isfahan

The madresseh is a place of higher religious education. At first privately run and of modest size, the first real madresseh were founded in the 11th century, when they became political institutions under state control and served to fix the Sunni ortho-doxy-the first Shi’ite madresseh was founded around 1050 at Najaf, in Iraq, by the Shi1ite scholar Tusi. Among the most famous madresseh of the period were those founded by the great Seljuq vizier Nizâm al-Mulk (and therefore called nizâmiyeh), most notably those in Baghdad, N eishâbur and Isfahan. Almost nothing remains today of the early Iranian madresseh probably built during the Ghaznavid dynasty (962-1186) and very little of the Seljuq buildings. According to some scholars, these madresseh probably consisted of four-eivân courtyards similar to those of mosques, a plan which was adopted again later for madresseh, particularly under the Safavids. The eivân of the madresseh served as classrooms; the students lived in the small rooms behind the double arcades surrounding the courtyard.


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