Isfahan Ali Mosque

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Ali Mosque


Ali Mosque

The Ali Mosque is easily found because of its minaret - the most conspicuous of Esfahan's landmarks. The building was originally a Seljuk construction. It was built by Mahmud Seljuk, who governed in Esfahan for fourteen years and named after Sultan Sanjar, his uncle, and father-in-law.
However, by Safavid's time, the mosque had already been ruined. The portal inscription in golden Tholth indicates that the mosque was rebuilt in 1522 by Shah Ismail. At that time, the Safavid monarch renamed the building after the first Shiite Imam - Ali. The architectural techniques of the Mosque and its superb ornamentation place it among Esfahan's most important religious structures. The mosque is entered through a western Eivan, which opens onto an orderly court. The brick dome of the sanctuary, located behind the imposing southern Eeivan, is decorated on the inside with pretty paintings and graceful moqarnas. An interesting detail of the building's architectural layout is that its winter prayer hall is located lower than the sanctuary and is reached by a descending flight of stairs.
Dominating the corner of the mosque, the minaret is perhaps the earliest in Esfahan, built around the close of the 11th century. It is also the highest, rising to 48 m, The shaft bears very interesting geometric patterns, executed in brick, as well as four Kufic inscriptions. Of these, one is of brick, and the rest are of turquoise tiles.


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Peter C
“Second highest in the country”

This 48m minaret is in amazing condition and is worth a short detour from the Friday Mosque. Construction is underway on a new square (similar to Imam Square) between this minaret and the Friday Mosque, so should be filled with shops and attractions in the coming months/year.

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