Isfahan Top 10 Hotels

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Hotels listed below has been prepared based on the comments of Isfahan travelers.
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Hasht Behesht Apart. Hotel  1 of 10 hotels in Esfahan

Excellent location very close to the Imam square, nice service, clean rooms. Excelent value for money for the Iranian hotel standards. The rooms are spacious,

Abbasi Hotel 5* 2 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
hotel abbasi isfahan is one of beautiful and grate hotel in isfahan,This Abbasi Hotel decoration is showing its age,
It has a nice garden and traditional iranian resturant.
Dibai House (Traditional)  3 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
If you like 5star hotels don't go to Dibai house. But if you want to enjoy Esfahan living in a very special old Qajar house with the flavor of the old aristocratic persian houses, then go and stay at Dibai House.
Setareh Hotel 4* 4 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
The best thing about this hotel is the location. You walk out of the hotel and there you are at Imam Square. The traditional looking restaurant offers good food. The breakfast was also excellent, lots of fresh fruits.
Totia Hotel 3* 5 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
This hotel is in walking distance from all important sights of the city. The rooms are clean, comfortable and cheap compared to other nearby hotels.
Kowsar Hotel 5*  6 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
This hotel is a great place and has a very very nice view to the river and beautiful view of the 33 bridge. The city and everywhere is beautiful.

Sheikh Bahaei 3*  7 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
The beds are absolutely comfortable. It's quite warm in Winter and cool in Summer. The reception staff are very helpful. In one minute, you will be in Chahar Bagh Avenue, the most beautiful Street of Esfahan
Safir Hotel 4*  8 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
This is actually a very good place to stay in Esfahan. It is in an excellent central location, just across the street from the glamorous Abasi Hotel.
Aseman Hotel  5*  9 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
It is very good hotel but at a distance from the Imam Square and the main tourist sights.
Hotel facilities are good, wifi in almost all the area, staff is very friendly and helpful;
Azadi Hotel 3*  10 of 10 hotels in Esfahan
The location is good,Hotel that has good standards. is located near a main street that may be noisy. near the central square (almost 15mn walk) near chahar bagh school.

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