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13Days/12Nights  Desert + Classic
Iranian Sebt Tours Co





Day 1:
Departure to Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran- Kerman
Arrival to airport International Tehran. Meeting with the Iranian Sebt Tour`s guide.
transfer to the Hotels and overnight.
After breakfast visit the Museums:
Archaeological Museum
• Golestan Palace
Jewelry Museum
Transfer to the Mehrabad airport for domestic flight Thr / Krm. Arrival and transfer to Hotel.

Day 3: Kerman - Shahdad (Kavir Lut)
After breakfast, departure by jeep to the town of Mahan, visiting the Mausoleum of great Suffi 1300, Sha-Nemat-Olah-Vali, is designed in 1600 under orders from the Safavid King, Shah Abbas I the Great, an architectural complex made of 7 gardens, after visiting the Garden of Prince Qajar dynasty of the 1800s, the trip continues to Rayen citadel, one of the great complex of earthen architecture of the pre-Islamic period. the journey continues towards the Lut desert, you will see the region of Neibit, Golbaf, the source of hot water at Giushan Shahdat. Overnight in camp with tents.

Day 4: Shahdad (Kavir Lut)
Day dedicated to the visit to the desert with Kalut with rock formations that rise out of the sand like castles. We continue the visit in an area with hills in the shape of an egg from the name Tappeh Topmorgh, coming to see the bed of a salt river. Then you get to visit the most hot point of the earth: Ghandun Briliant (roasted grain) where there is no life. Overnight in tents.

Day 5: Shahdad - Yazd (Kavir Lut)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, depart for Kerman. Continue with the coach to visit Kerman: the Old Bazaar in 1600 and the Hammam museum of Governor Ganj-Alikhan. In the afternoon depart for Yazd.
Overnight nell`antico Caravanserai Zein-od-Din.

Day 6: Yazd
After breakfast we will visit the historic city of Yazd, the Jame` Mosque, the Temple of the fire and the tower of silence, the complex Amir Chaghmaq and bazaar. YAZD was visited in 1272 by Marco Polo, who described resplendent mosques and is the cult of Zarathustra. Yazd retains very beautiful mosques, monuments of the Seljuk and Mongol period (XII - XIV century), and a quaint bazaar. Overnight, at the hotel.

Day 7: Yazd - Farah zad (Dasht-e Kavir)
 After breakfast departure to the village of Farah-Zad, the last green rural settlement in Dasht-e Kavir. Very few families live here, visit the caravanserai Robat-e-Badam-Poshte, where is has always been, in past centuries, the reference point as the accommodation and security of caravans. The trip continues with the historic site of the rural complex of Bayasie. It is located north-east of Dasht-e Kavir. It is a meeting point of three major regions: the southern Khorasan, Isfahan and Yazd. Arrival in Farah-zad, Dinner, typical-locale dish. Overnight stay in a nice '' traditional house. "

Day 8: Farah zad (Dasht-e Kavir)
Breakfast and excursion in the desert. You visit the village of MESR (meaning Egypt). This name comes from its founder, a shepherd by the name of Joseph or Yusef that compares to the story of the Prophet and the Pharaoh Yusef, an episode of the Bible and the name of the Village: MESR.
Here are the channels of underground water (the Ghanat) on two floors with a depth of 50 meters. The hills are suggestive and made of sand dunes, you can wander in the desert. You can eat the delicious dishes. Continue visiting small villages but interesting Arusan, Kure-gaz, Amir-Abad. Ritono, dinner and overnight in local house.

Day 9: Farahzad - Isfahan
 Breakfast and departure for Isfahan, yet it crosses the desert, spectacular and virgin, to get to another gem of the Dasht-e Kavir, Anarak You visit the fort. The rural village, is made with particular architecture, bio-climatic. It was built with materials of earth, straw and wood, using the sun to bake the bricks.
Continuing the journey on the way, you visit Naein, the historical town center and the art, carpets, ceramics, entourage in literature and novels.
You visit the old town, the Jame` mosque of the tenth century., The Old Bazaar, the Ethnology Museum, which is situated in a characteristic house.
Arrival in Isfahan, overnight at  Hotel.

Day 10: Isfahan
The whole day is dedicated to the visit of the city: the old bridges over the river Zayande-rud with their tea rooms: Sio-se-Pol from thirty-three arches and Khajou. The Imam square, or Naghsh-e-Jahan "image of the world" as defined l`aveva Shah Abbas the Great. This square is home to the most majestic architectural testimony of the Islamic world. Here are l`importanti poles Islamic urbanism: The political pole: the Royal Palace, The religious pole: the Friday Mosque, the economical pole Bazar and the cultural pole: The Madrassa and Mosque of Sheikh-Lotf-Olah.
A well-known old saying says: Isfahan "half the world". Overnight at hotel.

Day 11: Isfahan - Shiraz
After breakfast depart for Shiraz, visit the village of Izadi-Khast, in a large fertile valley was built with raw earth in the pre-Islamic period, we visit a small bridge and a caravan from the 1600 Continuing the journey we visit the archaeological site of Passargade where Cyrus the Great wanted his capital. The few remaining monuments, still less the houses here, there must have been large buildings, such as the Hearing, the Military, the staff of the King of Kings, it remains only l`austera Tomb of Cyrus. It continues with a visit to the site of Persepolis, the Cultural Capital, founded by Darius the Great in 524 BC March 21 to celebrate the feast of the Persian New Year, the Nouruz (new day).
Here, the Great King, received delegations of peoples subs in long processions, came to offer gifts and tributes. The great Apadana, the door of Xerxes, the hall of 100 columns, the delicate bas-reliefs, all testify to the grandeur and splendor of this website. It was burned down by the soldiers of Alexander in 330 BC. Was thus struck at the heart of that great civilization.
The site of Naghsh-e Rostam, the necropolis, a place of great beauty, which keeps the rock tombs of the great Achaemenid kings.
Arrival in Shiraz dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 12: Shiraz - Tehran
Shiraz city refined and cultured, at the time of its greatest splendor was nicknamed "City of knowledge," City of Roses, "City of Love", "City of Gardens" was a synonym for culture, nightingales, poetry and wine. Today still bears the evidence of the ancient splendor. Begin a tour of the city: the Bazaar of the 18th century., The Mausoleum of the poet's poet Saadi and Hafez, the old Mosque of Shiraz (Atigh). visit the Citadel of Karim Khan, the madrasa, an ancient theological school of the 17th century. Visit the garden of Narengestan. In the late evening visit to the Mausoleum of Shah-Cheragh or the Holy Light, very important shrine for Muslims. The pomerigio transfer Aeropoto for the domestic flight Syz / Thr Enghlab Overnight in Hotel

Day 13: Tehran - Dep
Transfer to the airport Imam Khomeini for the international flight.

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