Tahirid dynasty

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Tahirid.Provinces governed by the Tahirids
Tahirid.Provinces governed by the Tahirids.

Tahirid dynasty


The Tahirid dynasty (Persian: سلسله ی طاهریان) was a dynasty of the Persian Dihqan origin who governed the abbasidian province of Khorasan from 821 to 873, and the city of Baghdad from 820 to 891. The dynasty was made by Tahir ibn Husayn, a leading general In the service of the Abbasid Caliph al-Ma'mun. Their capital in Khorasan was originally located at Merv, but later moved to Nishapur. The Tahirids enjoyed a high degree of autonomy in their governance of Khorasan, although they were subject to the Abbasid caliphate and were not independent rulers.

Governors of Khorasan Rise
The founder of the Tahirid dynasty was Tahir ibn Husayn, a general who had played an important role in the civil war between the rivals Caliph al-Amin and al-Ma'mun. He and his ancestors had previously been subordinated to the eastern Khorasan for their services to the Abbasids. In 821, Tahir became governor of Khorasan, but he died soon after. Then the Caliph appointed Tahir's son Talha, whose reign lasted from 822-828. Tahir's other son, Abdullah, was named as the wali of Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, and when Talha died, in 828 he was given the governorship office of Khorasan. Abdullah is considered to be one of the greatest Tahirid rulers since his rule has experienced a flourishing agriculture in his home country Khorasan, the popularity among the populations of the eastern lands of the Abbasid caliphate and the expansion of influence through his experience with the western parts of the caliphate.

Tahirid Coin.Bahram Choobin
Tahirid Coin.Bahram Choobin

Abdullah died in 845 and was known by his son Tahir II. Of Tahir's rule is not much known, but the administrative dependency of Sistan was lost during his governor's office to the rebels. Tahirid rule began to deteriorate seriously after Tahir's son Muhammad ibn Tahir became governor because of his negligence with affairs of state and lack of experience with politics. Oppressed politics in Tabaristan, another dependency on Khorasan, led the people of this province to rebel and declare their assertion to the independent Zaydi ruler Hasan ibn Zayd in 864. In Khorasan itself, the rule of Muhammad grew increasingly weak, and in the year 873, finally overthrown by the Saffarid dynasty, which Khorasan annexed to its own empire in East Persia.

Governors of Baghdad
In addition to their invasion of Khorasan, the Tahirides also served as military governors (ashab al-shurta) from Baghdad, beginning with Tahir's appointment to this position in 820. After going to Khorasan, the Governor's Office of Baghdad became a member of the collateral branch of the family , Ishaq ibn Ibrahim, who controls the city for twenty-five years. While Ishaq's term as governor, he was responsible for the implementation of the Mihna (Inquisition) in Baghdad. His administration was also witnessing the departure of the Caliphs from Baghdad as they made the recently established city of Samarra their new capital. When Ishaq died in 849, he was first followed by two of his sons and then 851 by Tahir's grandson Muhammad ibn Abdallah.
Abdallah played an important role in the events of the Anarchy in Samarra in the 1960s, giving the Caliph al-Musta'in refuge and command of the defense of Baghdad, as beset by the forces of the rival Caliph al-Mu, Tazz In 865. I am very happy and happy. I am very happy and happy. Violent riots plagued Baghdad during the last years of Abdallah's life, and conditions in the city remained stormy after he died and was succeeded by his brothers, first Ubaydallah and then Sulayman. Finally, the order in Baghdad was restored and the Tahirids also served as governors of the city for another two decades. In 891, however, Badr al-Mu'tadidi was blamed for the security of Baghdad instead of the Tahirides, and the family soon lost its lead in the caliphate.

 Tahirid Governors



Governors of Khurasan


Tahir ibn Husayn


Talha ibn Tahir


Abdallah ibn Tahir al-Khurasani


Tahir (II) ibn Abdallah


Muhammad ibn Tahir (II)


Governors of Baghdad


Tahir ibn Husayn


Ishaq ibn Ibrahim al-Mus'abi


Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Ibrahim


Abdallah ibn Ishaq ibn Ibrahim


Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Tahir


Ubaydallah ibn Abdallah ibn Tahir


Sulayman ibn Abdallah ibn Tahir


Ubaydallah ibn Abdallah (again)


Muhammad ibn Tahir (II)


Ubaydallah ibn Abdallah (again)



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