Isfahan Baba Qassem Mausoleum

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Mausoleum of Baba Qassem

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Situated to the north of the Congregational Mosque, this shrine dates from 1340. The building is famous for its mihrah and a "ribbed" dome of a kind that was to become very fashionable afterwards in the 15th century. An extensive reconstruction was carried out at the site under the Safavids. Baba Qasern was a 14th entury theologian of Esfahan.
One of his students built for him a fine school, known as Baba Qasem or Imamiyeh Madreseh. Sadly, a visit to the madreseh is no longer possible. It is difficult to tell from its present state whether it is completely ruined or is just being restored. The same student also built the shrine where the Sufi was buried after his death. Chardin wrote that witnesses who testified falsely against the tomb burst out. For a time, therefore, it was much in demand by honest litigants. But the mausoleum fell on evil days: the tomb disappeared to be replaced by that of a bath towel manufacturer, which worked no miracles. By 1928, the building was being used as a stable, but it has now been tidied up.


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