Isfahan Talar e Ashraf (Ashraf Hall)

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Talar e Ashraf (Ashraf Hall)

Talar e Ashraf

This Safavid palace was begun under Shah Abbas II and completed by Shah Solei man as a residential palace of the shah and his harem. It is particularly remarkable for its ceiling, featuring a medallion of pure gold. The beauty of the structure is reflected in its name - "the Splendid Hall". though some erroneously believe that the building has something to do with Ashraf Afghan. During WWI, the palace housed the military head-quarters of the Russian army. Not surprisingly, the exquisite decorations of the palace's interior were badly mutilated during this period. Fortunately, several series of restoration work have returned the building its original grandeur.
In its present state, the edifice consists of a large hall and two adjoining chambers, decorated in the best techniques of Safavid art. Today the palace houses the reception area of the administration of the Esfahan province and is closed to the public. This is regretful because after the restoration, whatever can be seen in a dilapidated state in other palaces can be enjoyed in its full glory here.
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